Sunday, August 02, 2009

Accountability: Places, everyone!

So, yesterday, I came out to the world about my terribly unorganized office. I admit it, so that is the first step, correct? That is, indeed, what they say. I even asked you all to hold me accountable and my dear friend Magdalena took that request seriously.

She's been very kind this morning not to bug me about it. I really do think, though, that she is waiting to see my progress. I'm taking a deep breath now and unveiling...

My writer's cave. No, my clean and organized writers cave.

A nice cat perch, huh? Clio definitely loves this new spot. I bought this little bookshelf from a surplus furniture sale from my day job office. I think I shall always have to leave the top uncluttered because Clio has definitely staked her claim to it. Lots of birdies and bugs to watch, not to mention people walking their dogs.

And a clean and uncluttered desk. Sigh...

What? You want this chair, too? No way, sweetheart... It's time for Mama to get back to work.

p.s. I didn't show you the closet on purpose. Phase two. :)


Jan Scarbrough said...

I like it. Don't you dare stop by MY office! :-) The kitten is a nice addition too.

Magdalena Scott said...

Your office looks AMAZING! Alas, my sitting room has half the living room furniture poked into it, due to our renovation project from heck.

I can hardly wait for your closet episode, but will try to be patient. Maybe sometime this autumn?

Maddie James said...

Um, Magdalena...remember, it took from January to August to get this far... :) Seriously, though, I do think fall is a good estimate. I'm on a roll and really, it's half done!

Jan, don't worry, I won't come by unless you invite me. I give you credit for the kitten. :)