Saturday, August 01, 2009

Places, everyone!

I'm organizing. Again. It feels like I have been organizing both my house, and my life, since about...oh, January. I believe I may even have made a New Year's resolution to get organized. I'm sure at the time I envisioned that task taking a couple of weeks, more or less.


Not this life. Not this house.

It's not that things are so out-of-control, it's that I've been extremely busy the past year. Hence, things get out of their places.

Get thee back in your places! I demand. I strongly feel this need. I mean, deep.

So this morning, I made a decision. I either have to write or clean/organize. I decided the house needed me today. I can write tomorrow.

Perhaps with house of the way, the mind can feel uncluttered and free to write? That's the theory; let's see if the practice follows.

First order of business? The office. Here is a former picture. I hesitate to mention that this was the before picture back in January when I started pulling out stuff in an attempt to pitch and organize. Let's forget that today is August 1. It is the cold, hard truth, however, that I've progressed some since then, but not nearly enough. In fact, as I look around, hm....

So hold me accountable. Please! I've already moved a lot of crap, er, stuff, and hauled in two old bookshelves from the garage. Let's see what I can report tomorrow, okay?

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Magdalena Scott said...

Sounds great so far, Maddie. Are you going to do something artsy with the bookshelves, like decorative painting? You always give things such an artistic touch.

And here's my stern voice: YOU. WILL. BE. HELD. ACCOUNTABLE. Is that what you had in mind?