Saturday, September 19, 2009

A visit to Cupcakeology!

I think many of you know that I have a little thing for cupcakes. It waxes and wanes, and over the summer, I didn't break into cupcake mode one time. I suppose that is why when I was driving down the road in Albuquerque this week, and this big CUPCAKE sign jumped directly into my line of vision, my rental car made a hard right turn and suddenly I was pulling into a parking space in front of Cupcakeology.

You may also remember that several months back I tinkered with the Iron Cupcake Challenge and submitted several entries. You can read some of my cupcake recipes here. I am quite the amateur cupcake baker. Even though I have a degree that says I might know something about baking (I was a Home Economics teacher for 16 years) I don't believe I practice enough to be good at it, so I'll take the amateur status and run with it. Still, it's fun.

And cupcakes are pretty. I'm not sure if I'm attacted so much to eating them or just looking at them. See? Pretty, huh?

Okay, so I had to buy the cupcakes. I had a meeting going on down the street and why not take some to my co-workers? I walked right in to Cupcakology and felt like I just stepped into a pretty pink confection.

Here is what I saw.

I had a nice talk with the owners' hubby and I believe he said that the cupcakes from Cupcakeology were voted the best cupcakes in Albuquerque. I can certainly see why! They were a hit with my co-workers. And...since I frequent old ABQ for my day job work, I know I'll be back.

If you would like to visit Cupcakeology, they are located at 2000 Carlisle Blvd, NE. You can also visit their Cupcakeology Flickr group for more cupcake pictures. Yummers!


Magdalena Scott said...

Looks great!

Kiddo Writers said...

Hey Maddie! check out The Cupcake Shoppe in Louisville. Has a similar feel and the cupcakes are fantastic! They are in St. Mathews.