Sunday, November 22, 2009

Christmas newsletter posted!

Good evening, everyone!

Just a quick note to let you know that I posted my Christmas newsletter this evening. If you are not on my subscription list, never fear, because you can access the newsletter via this link:

This month I've posted all of the holiday romance and erotica titles available at Resplendence Publishing. Wow! I didn't realize there were so many wonderful stories out there this year! Some are brand new and some were released last year but all of them are great stories.

So take a look when you get a chance. You might find one that tickles your fancy. [smile!]

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Harlequin Horizons Provides Self-Publishing Option

Yesterday, Harlequin announced yet another publishing venture – a self-publishing arm of their company called Harlequin Horizons. Just two weeks ago Harlequin announced their launch of a digital-only press called Carina Press.

Each of these new venues comes on the heels of some tough times for book publishers in this current economy. Many of the larger publishers have skinnied down their author lists, re-thought their lines and imprints, and cut some of their editorial staff. In the meantime, Harlequin has enjoyed a steady increase in sales.

This latest announcement embeds Harlequin into three of today’s publishing business models – print publishing, digital publishing, and self-publishing.

Print publishing has been Harlequin’s mainstay since the company’s inception. Print plus digital options were offered via their website several years ago.

With Carina Press’ development, Harlequin moved into a publishing model that planted its roots approximately ten years ago, when small electronic presses began experimenting with digital publishing. This alternative way of publishing has now become a viable option for many authors.

Self-publishing, a model that has been around for years, is coming into its own. Options exist for authors to buy a package to publish their books; Harlequin Horizons falls into that category. Other self-publishing options offer cost effective ways of self-publishing with little money put upfront. Amazon’s CreateSpace is an example. The latter is largely due to the creation of a publishing method called POD or print-on-demand. With POD, publishers need not be concerned with a warehouse full of books, large print runs, and costly overhead. Books are published when they are ordered.

Self-publishing has carried somewhat of a stigma.. Many would say if you chose self-publishing, you weren’t really published. In this age of technology, however, the tables have turned. Self-publishing can and is a viable option for many.

Harlequin Horizons, a joint venture with Author Solutions, is targeted toward the romance and women’s fiction genres, and offers pay-for-service packages. A team of professionals assist the author in putting together a book package for a fee. Harlequin Horizons will be an imprint of Harlequin.

Whether an author chooses traditional print publishing, a digital publishing press, or self-publishing, is totally up to the author. The author knows where they are in their career, how they want to move their career forward, and what steps to take to do so. It would be unwise to omit exploring all of the options.

The future is here and it’s fast shifting. As much as this shift is changing the landscape for publishers, it is changing for authors. I predict that the focus for many authors will move from writing and acquiring a publisher, to writing, choosing a publishing option, and selling the book – with a large emphasis on the latter. No longer is the question, “will someone publish my book?” but now, “how will I publish the best book possible and how will I market it to sell?”

Why marketing? Because with more publishing options comes more books hitting the shelves (virtual and otherwise). When there are more books for readers to choose from, a book (or author) has to stand out in order to be bought. Writing the book is only half the battle. Marketing can make a difference it the book’s success.

Part II – Book Marketing in the Digital Age

Coming Soon!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

More Adventures of Calliope and Clio -- Queen Calliope

I am the Queen. And all that lay before me is my Domain. Mine. I tell you. All Mine.

When I am perched up here like this, I am the Mistress of my Domain. All Humans bow to my presence and stand in awe of my beauty. Those of my species who dwell in my domain submit to my whim and give up the mouse at my command. When I say, “Go find treasures, such a Q-tips and empty toilet paper rolls and tacks from my Human’s bulletin board, they obey.

I am the Queen. I am in control. I may appear aloof and uncaring but I am watching every move my Humans and Felines alike make. I spare no mercy for those who dare to interfere with my nap, or attempt to budge me from this spot. I have claimed it. It is mine. It is where I lay in thoughtful repose, contemplating the issues of my kind, considering the effects of nibbling on palm branches, and sneaking slurps of toilet water.

I am the Keeper of my Human and I take my job very seriously. For without my guidance, my Human would do strange and uncanny things, such as try to sleep late, or eat food on the couch without my permission, or clean my litter box without my supervision.

I am the Queen. I am…

Whoa. What was that? Bug?

We humor her.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

A nice little review for Mia Jae

Well, it appears that my naughty side, Mia Jae, is coming into her own. She received a very nice review this week from Coffee Time Romance -- a 5 cup review -- only the second one that a Resplendence title has received, I've been told. I guess being naughty has nice perks. :)

Lust, Lies and Tinsel Ties was released in late September and is part of the Red Garters, Snow and Mistletoe series from Resplendence. I really liked this part of the review:

Mia Jae has an amazing way of presenting her characters in such a realistic light with intriguing personalities that sucks the reader in. I was rooting for each character and emotionally invested in Jack’s happiness. I will be keeping this book on my TBR for any time I want to visit a good friend.

Click here for the full review!

Icing on the cake? The book went live on Kindle last night. Yes!

Thanks for indulging me. :) Now, back to writing (or twittering or something...)

Newsflash! The print anthology, Red Garters, Snow and Mistletoe, Volume II, is now available on Amazon!