Sunday, January 17, 2010

Random and haphazard on a Sunday morning

Good morning, Sunday Morning. It's nice to see you here, even though there is rain.

I slept late this morning which was very, very nice. It's also a rare thing! I like to get up early and get a start on the day but this morning, no. It's Sunday. I didn't set the alarm. And it's raining.

A nice cozy scenario for sleeping in. Don't you think? Even Calliope and Clio left me alone. Perhaps they realized I needed to sleep. Nice kitty cats.

I'm trying to make a conscious effort to slooooowwww down a little bit in my life. Maybe it's because I'm getting older. Maybe it's because there are days on end I feel like I go like the speed of life, and I need to remember to take it slower. Eat slower, drive slower, think slower... Just sit still and do something I don't get a lot of time to do: amble through a long, thick, and juicy book.

Maybe this "life, reinvented" thing I'm moving into will help with all of that. I hope so! I like the thought of stopping to smell the roses.

Speaking of roses, my sister gave me a book on roses for Christmas. I'm looking forward to doing some sloooowwwww work in my backyard this spring and summer. I want to put a nice privacy fence in and do some landscaping. I have one beautiful climbing rose and I've managed not to kill it. It came with the house when I bought it. I'll read my rose book this winter but does anyone have any recommendations for roses bushes? Types and kinds? Easy to grow? Difficult to kill?

And speaking of slow again, I spent the past week working in schools on the Navajo Nation in New Mexico. Ah, yes, the pace there is nice and slow. I like that. And it was good to see so many of my Navajo friends.

I flew home Friday night, then, and got up early Saturday morning to head to Lexington to do a workshop on Social Media. It was so great to see my writer friends! And I think, even though from my end it felt like the workshop was a little "random and haphazard" (maybe like this post?) the participants said they got a lot out of it. That's great! I got a lot of ideas of how to make it better, though, should I do it again.

I think one of the things that worked was having people bring their laptops so they could apply some ideas right then and their in the workshop. I was surprised this morning to get a Google Alert that showed that Rebecca Clarke actually posted a blog during the workshop. Cool!

Okay, so now that I have half a cup of coffee in me the fog is beginning to clear in my brain and I will close this random and haphazard Sunday morning post. I hope you all have a loverly day.

And remember, just for today, take it sloooooooowwwwwwww......

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