Saturday, February 13, 2010

More Adventures of Clio and Calliope: Take that! Said the cat...

Clio:  You know, when she gets that big red thing out and starts putting her clothes in it, she's going away for a few days.

Calliope:  Yeah. And then the next sign is when she starts closing off the extra rooms.

Clio:  I know! I hate that. I can't get into her office then and watch the birds in the front yard while laying on top of that short bookshelf.

Calliope: Sigh. Yes. The backyard birds are not nearly as exciting. That tree in front is closer to the window. And then there are those bushes they like close to the house.

Clio: But of course, she does leave the shades up in the back so at least we can still sun ourselves on the bench and watch out over the back yard.

Calliope: True, but why in the heck does she shut us out of her bedroom? I mean, like, sleeping in her bed is my favorite thing!

Clio: She does that because you knock things off her dresser onto the floor.

Calliope: Pshaw. It's carpeting in there. Doesn't hurt anything. Besides, I like to watch things fall.

Clio: Well, if you wouldn't do that, she might let us in to sleep on the bed. I miss sleeping in there while she's gone. I like to sniff the sheets.

Calliope: She does leave our favorite afghans out on the couch. Gotta give her credit for that.

Clio:  Sure. But you know, if you wouldn't nibble on the palm branches she might let us go into the office next time. Think you can keep your teeth off the palm fronds? You shred them to pieces, you know. I think that's why she moved the palm tree. You have made a mess of it.

Calliope: I have not!

Clio:  Have, too.

Calliope: I suppose.

Clio:  See? It's all your fault. We can't go into the office because of the palm. We can't sleep in her bed because you knock things off the dresser. If it weren't for you, we'd have the run of the house while she's gone. But nooooo....

Calliope: Let's teach her a lesson.

Clio: What? Oh, this isn't good....

Calliope:  C'mon. Follow me.

Clio: Oh dear. What? What are you doing? No, Calliope, not that. She moved that stuff because she was painting. Oh dear, did she forget? Please, not that... plant.

Calliope:  Let's just watch it bounce.

Clio:  Stop! That's not carpet!

Calliope:  What? Oooopppsie!

Clio:  We're so dead. When is she coming back?

Calliope: I dunno. But I'm going to deny it.

Clio: Good luck with that.

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