Monday, April 12, 2010

Falling for Grace is now on Kindle!

So you know, sometimes you just want to try something try something different I did.

Last fall I received the rights back to all six of my old Kensington titles, and rather than try to publish them through an epub or small press, I decided to publish them myself. The result? Falling for Grace is now available for your Kindle!
As you can see to the left, the earlier published edition is still up on Amazon and there are used book stores that have it from time to time. I'm glad to be able to offer it in the Kindle format now, too.

And guess what? Since I've managed to tame the Kindle formatting beast, perhaps I will also foray into the print world and republish the print version again through Amazon's Createspace program. Why not?

For now, however, let's just celebrate this little accomplishment. I'm tickled pink and pleased as punch that I DID IT all by my lonesome. :)

You can find the blurb and except for Falling for Grace on my web site. It's just a click away!

Sunday, April 04, 2010

New Paints! (and other stuff)

My brain has been on high-speed overdrive for a long time. Years, probably. And it's time to slow it down a tad. Quitting the day job to work part-time was one tack to move my brain into that direction. After years of hustle and bustle, a brain just wants to get a little down time, you know?

And along with the brain, I think the heart can use a little relaxation, as well. Stress reduction, right? It never hurts.

Writing does relax me, of course -- except when a deadline is looming. I also walk at least once a day when I am home, to unravel both the kinks in my body and my mind. But lately, I'm wondering if I need to find another "project" to focus on for a while, to rest my brain a spell. An old childhood love has been nagging at me and yesterday, I took that nagging seriously and set out for my local art supply store.

I want to paint again. Or draw. Or paint. Or draw. Whatever comes to me.

You see, I used to draw a lot when I was a little girl, ponies and dogs often my favorite subjects. I was also pretty good with landscapes. People? Not so much.

So after my trek to the store, where I bought a few supplies to get me started again, I began thinking about my old art box and dragged it out of the closet, too. The oils and acrylics had long since been tossed but there still was lots of good stuff in that old art box. See?

Here is the new stuff. Some acrylics, new brushes, and some refresher reading material, as well as a canvas pad.

Here is my old art box. I've had it since elementary school. See? There is still paint on the palette and if you look close enough, lots of good stuff tucked in the slots.

Oh, and in the box I found this -- one of my elementary school pastel sketches. Not too bad, huh? Straight from the Jon Gnagy art instruction book, I'm pretty sure.

And then I also found this. An original oil. Please notice the fine detail on the milk glass vase and the pussy willows. Not your average 10 year old painting, huh? If I do say so myself. There are more of these at may parents' home. Bless them. Remember, I did say this was an oil painting. Do you know how long it takes for those oils to dry?

Ah, well, I'm no Picasso or Renoir, but I'm hankering to dabble again. New paints are a beautiful thing. Easy on the eyes and on the brain.