Monday, April 12, 2010

Falling for Grace is now on Kindle!

So you know, sometimes you just want to try something try something different I did.

Last fall I received the rights back to all six of my old Kensington titles, and rather than try to publish them through an epub or small press, I decided to publish them myself. The result? Falling for Grace is now available for your Kindle!
As you can see to the left, the earlier published edition is still up on Amazon and there are used book stores that have it from time to time. I'm glad to be able to offer it in the Kindle format now, too.

And guess what? Since I've managed to tame the Kindle formatting beast, perhaps I will also foray into the print world and republish the print version again through Amazon's Createspace program. Why not?

For now, however, let's just celebrate this little accomplishment. I'm tickled pink and pleased as punch that I DID IT all by my lonesome. :)

You can find the blurb and except for Falling for Grace on my web site. It's just a click away!


Renee Vincent said...

LOVED that excerpt, Maddie! I love the pace of it and the way Carson is described - hot man but father first.
Congrats on this move to Kindle!

Amy said...

Very cool that you published it yourself on Kindle! And I have a Kindle ;)


Caffey said...

Congrats on getting your earlier books re-published! I love being able to go to the backlist to read! With the re-issue of the books, did you change any with the re-release or just re-release them as they were?


Maddie James said...

Hi Cathie! You know, with Falling for Grace, I didn't change much when putting it up for Kindle. After I did, I realized that perhaps I should have considered whether I wanted to make it a little sexier--I think there is only one love scene in the book. But in all honesty, I think that is exactly what the story needs. So no, this one has not changed from the original. But...I am going to consider how I might change some of the others in the future to reflect today's market. That said though, I've had several people who have read my backlist recently tell me that they are still very current. So, it's a toss-up! I'll probably take it book by book. :)

By the way, the new print version of Falling for Grace should be available in a couple of weeks! That's exciting, too. But I know how you love ebooks!