Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Outer Banks, Day Three

Today, we have sun! Brief, albeit, but the sun did shine.

Highlights of my day include a walk down the beach to snap some pictures and a lovely lunch at The Dunes Restaurant. It had been years since I'd eaten at the Dunes. When my children were little, it was a great family place to eat. Even  though it's undergone some renovations since I've been there, it's still very family-oriented, nicely priced, and very, very good. The fried oysters I had today were excellent. Served hot, tender and lightly breaded, and fresh. The coleslaw  served with the fries and hush puppies had a little bit of sweet pickle relish in it--I think that was a first for me--and it was very good. A nice lunch!

Here are a few more pictures I'd like to share.

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