Monday, June 21, 2010

Like a shopkeeper opening her shop...

Good morning. I've had the most splendiforous past few weeks, and it all has to do with the direction my life has taken the past few months.

Of course, you know what I did--I quit working for someone else, and started working for ME and I honestly can't imagine working any other way for the rest of my working days. I could rattle off a laundry list of wonderful things about working for yourself, and I could also make a list of things that are sometimes tedious and not so much fun, but the bottom line is this--from the moment I rise every day until I nod off to sleep, I am in control of my life. I make the decisions about what I work on, and what can wait. I am in control.

I tell ya, it's a lovely feeling.

Speaking of rising, there is this funny habit I've gotten into every morning. I get up, stumble to the coffeemaker, empty the dishwasher and straighten the kitchen while it's brewing, and then fill my cup. The second thing I do is make my way down the hall to my office, where I pause, set my coffee cup down on the desk, and head to the window.

The window always looks like this, every morning, shades partly closed and down.

Then I lift them, about half-way, so while I am working I can glance outside to the sun, watch the kids walk toward the bus stop, the walkers and dogs on their morning mission, and so on. Even though I'm behind the window, it makes me feel part of the neighborhood. I stand and look out for a second, feeling like a shop-keeper opening her shop on an early sunny morning.

I smile, because in truth, that's what I am doing.

Then, as soon as the shade goes up, I hear the thundering hooves (paws) of The Muses as they race to the window. One leap, and they're up. First one, then the other. Sometimes simultaneous. And they begin their day doing their duty, of watching for birds and bugs that wander into their line of vision. I do believe they also watch for the dogs, too, but I could be mistaken.

They are with me most of the day while I'm working. They have their favorite spots. Clio loves the upholstered chair by the window. Calliope usually takes her place high, on the top of my desk hutch. Sometimes they curl into a corner, other times stretch along the top of the bookshelf, and very often, one or both hides in the windowsill behind the blinds, sleeping.

My Muses, my shop cats, my shop, my life.

Love it.