Thursday, August 12, 2010

Marissa's Sizzling Hot Book Reviews!

Most readers love getting book recommendations from other readers. Romance readers, in particularly, pay a lot of attention to review sites. There are numbers of romance reviewers out there, from big to small, online and not, from customer to expert-reader based.
One review site that I’ve become acquainted with lately is Marissa’s Sizzling Hot Book Reviews. I’ve followed her reviews and promotional efforts for authors and have been quite impressed!

I’ve followed her reviews and promotional efforts for authors and have been quite impressed!
Marissa not only offers reviews, but she will interview authors and host contests. This is a win-win for both reader and author, as readers learn about new books and authors, and authors increase their readership.

I wanted to share more about Marissa and her work because she spends a enormous amount of time in support of authors—and of that I, and so many other authors, are most appreciative. Her reviews are honest, detailed, and provide a snapshot of the book so readers know exactly what the book is about. Marissa posts reviews not only on her own blog site, but on Amazon, Goodreads, Library Thing, and elsewhere.

Recently I was able to sit down with Marissa and ask a few questions. Let’s hear what she has to say.

What inspired you to start a review site?  

I am a avid read, and wanted to share what I thought of different books with others. Many of my friends, and especially my sister is always asking for book recommendations, I figured starting my own review site would help them and others out.

How long have you been up and running?
Sizzling Hot Books, (my review site) has been up and running for about 8 month, but when I revamped the site at the end of May we lost our posts. But since May I have been posting reviews, and other book things almost every day.

You obviously love to interact with readers and authors, and you do a great job with it. How do you keep up?
Thank you. I love interacting with both authors and readers. Since I am a housewife I have all day, well besides the few hours everyday that I devote to my college studies. I am very organized, I hate to admit this but I have a color coded organizer where I write down all my appointments, the books I receive for review, and when they are due, plus when they go live on the site. Everything has a different color, and to tell the truth I am running out of colored pens :) Every week, I have an 'In the News' post with different announcements from authors, and information about upcoming books, so I try to check out as many author sites as I can. I  also collect the information that is announced throughout the week from facebook or twitter, for the post.

About how many books do you read a week?
On a slow week or summer when my husband is home (he's a teacher) and we do some traveling I only read about 4 to 5 full length books a week. But once my husband is back to work (August 20th), I will most likely be reading 6 to 7 books a week.

What is the best thing you think authors can do to promote themselves?
The best thing I think authors can do to promote themselves is to be seen by readers. Which means doing interviews on review sites, guest blogging, having a facebook and/or twitter page and telling readers what is going on and how the book is coming. I love to hear updates on the progress of the WIP (Work in Progress) that the author is currently working on. I feel the worst thing for an author to do is to fall out of the spotlight with their readers, so post often, and keep your readers updated.

Excellent advice, Marissa! Again, thanks for all that you do to support authors, and for the valuable service you provide to readers. I’ll be visiting often!
Readers: Be sure to check out Marissa's Sizzling Hot Book Reviews for new releases, author interviews, reviews, contests and more!

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