Thursday, August 26, 2010

The new gig. Y'all know about that, right?

So, you guys know that I have this new gig going, right? The publishing gig?

Well, it's true. I'm now a publisher. It came on like a whirlwind after a looooong time of consideration and research and hey, guess what, it's a pretty cool gig.

Like, you know, I get up with out the alarm clock now. I sleep until, strange concept, I actually wake up naturally. And, well, the sun coming in the window is really cool and the cats are sitting there looking at me like, c'mon, get up already, we have things to do.

Like, go sleep in your office while you work.

Yes, that's what they do. Calliope has her chair by the door and Clio has hers by the window. I'll see if I can dig up some pictures.

So, while I work, they sleep. And while I sleep, I think they work. At least they tell me they do. The cats have to earn their keep, you know. I think their work consists of practice mouse chasing because I hear them running through the house, like they were after a mouse, and then, next morning, when I stumble out of bed (with the daylight streaming through my window, you know) I find all their play mice laying all over her floor.

So yeah, they've been working. Hard. I can tell. Because the damn cats have to sleep all day after that. In their chairs. In my office. Keeping me company.

I tell you, they really don't mind that I talk to myself while I work, and that is a really good thing.

But I didn't come on here today to tell you anything about the cats and the work and the play mice, and all. I came on here to say, hey, I have this new gig. And I think you know about it but I'm not sure. Just in case then, here it is:

I own Turquoise Morning Press. Yes, I'm the Kim of TMP. That's my real name. Maddie is the pen name. And of course, there is another pen name, too. And who knows, there could some day be another but for today, it's just the three of us and yes... We all like sleeping late and working from home.

We might sleep until we wake, but we work mighty hard. Lemme tell ya.

So come by and check Turquoise Morning Press out one of these days, okay? I swear, we have some fabulous books coming up!

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