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Ruth J. Harman talks about "Pillow Talk"

As part of her blog tour to promote her just-released romance novel, Pillow Talk, Ruth J. Hartman visits to talk about her writing and her books.

Hello, Ruth, welcome to Life, Unedited! I am excited to have you and learn about Pillow Talk. But first, why don’t you tell us a little about yourself.

Thanks so much, Maddie, for being a part of my book tour!

I’m an author as well as a licensed dental hygienist. I live in rural Indiana with my husband of 28 years and two spoiled cats.

Tell us more about Pillow Talk, please?

Pillow Talk was released on August 15th. The publisher is Class Act Books, and it’s about a tooth fairy who falls in love with her dentist. Here is the blub:

Trixie Trident has a secret. Everyone knows she creates one-of-a-kind jewelry during the day. It's what she does on her night job no one would ever guess. She's a tooth fairy. Not the tooth fairy, just one of many. It would take her whole life just to combat the many misconceptions people have about TF's. Like how nobody wears tutus or uses a wand. Or stands three inches high. Nope, Trixie looks just like any other woman in her mid-twenties. And she'd tell people all of that stuff. If she was allowed to. But she'd sworn a sacred tooth fairy oath that she'd never tell a soul. And she hadn't. Except for her best friend, who would never breathe a word to anyone.

Graham Keebler meets Trixie when she comes to his dental office as a new patient. He's had lots of single women patients before, but no one has ever sparked his interest like Trixie. What is it about her that's so unique? He can't quite figure it out, but he's determined to try, even when she turns him down for a second date.

Trixie is attracted to Graham, like she's never been to any man before. He's what she always dreamed of in a man. And they even have the subject of teeth in common! But a relationship with the gorgeous dentist can never be. How could it? When she's a tooth fairy, and not only can't she tell him, he'd never believe her anyway.

Oh, how fun! In three words or less, how would you describe your style of writing?

Quirky, romantic, fun.

I can certainly see where Pillow Talk would fall into those categories. You mentioned a day job. How do you balance the two?

I work as a hygienist in a neighboring town two days a week. On those days I don’t get to write, but on my days off and on weekends, I work my writing around the usual stuff we all do: laundry, shopping, etc.

Now, that’s very cool. A dental hygienist who writes a book about the Tooth Fairy! That sure comes under the heading of “write what you know, huh?” Ruth, tell us, what else inspires your writing?

I'm inspired by people's laughter and joy. If I can make someone smile or laugh because of what I've written, then it's all worth it for me.

What is your next project?

Right now I’m working on two different projects. One is another romance novel about two competing dentists who fall in love with each other. My second project is my first picture book. Both projects are fun, but in different ways. Both projects are contracted and will be coming out next year with Turquoise Morning Press, along with another romance novel titled, Cat-Fish.

Congratulations on all of your success! How many books do you have in print now? Which is your favorite?

Right now I have two in print. The first one, My Life in Mental Chains is a memoir about my struggle with severe OCD. Pillow Talk was a lot more fun to write, but the memoir seems to help people who suffer from OCD. It’s hard to pick a favorite, I guess.

Can you talk about your path to publishing?

I've always loved to write, but didn't seriously pursue it for publication until 2008. And that was kind of an "off the beaten path" deal. While trying to get a fictional story about a girl with OCD published, the publisher wanted a true-life story instead. That's how my personal memoir, My Life in Mental Chains happened. Over the last couple of years, I've been blessed enough to have had several things published, including short stories, articles, and romance novels. In between submitting manuscripts to publishers and waiting to hear back from them, I worked on articles. A couple of them were accepted. That definitely makes the waiting easier!

Also, I joined an online writers' group called Premium Green, an off-shoot of WOW-Women on Writing. Through that wonderful group, I could always find someone to answer all of my newbie, sometimes even silly, questions about writing, submitting, contracts, and about a million other things. I also dove into the web pool and joined Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Goodreads and several others.

What advice do you have for aspiring authors?

My advice would be, don't give up. I can't tell you how many times I was ready to bag the whole idea of writing and submitting. It can be a scary, frustrating business, but it's definitely worth it when you first see your book, story, or article in print!! don't be afraid to start small. My very first published article was How to Trap a Wild Cat on ehow. A very tiny article, but it was so thrilling to see my name in print.

Ruth, thanks so much for visiting with us. I am reading Pillow Talk right now and I must say it is a funny, quirky read! Best to you and your book, and have fun on your blog tour!

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