Wednesday, November 03, 2010

NaNo, NaNo....

So, the first day of NaNoWriMo went swimmingly. I wrote 1500ish words. Just shy of the daily goal but so be it, I wrote 1500ish words!  Cause for small celebration. I'm on the move.

Then yesterday came. And went. And no words. No WRITTEN words. Not on the story, at least.

But I did accomplish these things:
  • voted (important)
  • went to my PO Box and picked up mail (Bed, Bath and Beyond catalog)
  • trimmed the three bushes in front of my house (now Clio and Calliope can better see out - me, too)
  • weed-eated my front lawn and rid my front lawn of a lot of dead stuff (long overdue)
  • edited 30 pages of a novel plus three short stories for an upcoming anthology
  • checked and wrote a lot of emails (daily task)
  • checked the sales numbers on books (I'm addicted to the numbers)
  • and watched Dancing with the Stars
Productive day, you say? I say not. There were NO WORDS.

Procrastination, pure and simple.

What, say you? That I accomplished a lot? That these things needed to be done? That my day was full and busy already? Pshaw. Excuses. Bottom line is, I didn't make it a priority. I chose other things. I did not make room. I failed Day Two of NaNoWriMo and now on my web page it says: 2 unsuccessful days (you know, because I didn't actually make the Day 1 goal either).

So now, with all of you as my witness, I vow I will do better today. Okay, so I'm off....


Unknown said...

Aw Madz! You'll get in the swing of it. My plan was to start writing this morning as soon as the kids got on the bus, but instead I had to drag out the vacuum and the power steamer to clean up a soda spill where one of the kids knocked over a glass hubby left on the coffee table before he left for work this morning. Le Sigh!

I've barely made my totals for the first 2 days and technically, I have 1 successful and 1 unsuccessful because I forgot to post my word count on the first day before I went to bed that night. I'm keeping track of you and I KNOW you can do this. ;o)

Patricia Marie said...

I only managed to get 800+ words written yesterday, but it was really just after midnight so it probably should count as part of Monday's work. I had the grandbabe (school was out) and intended to write after he went to bed, but I got caught up in watching election returns ... till 3 am this morning. LOL

I'm scheduling my writing time for this evening after the boy's mom picks him up. Hubs knows to leave me alone, or else. ;p

Maddie James said...

Words! I have words to add. Thanks, Taryn and Patricia for your input! It helps knowing you all are doing this, too. Okay, I do have some words today but the site appears to be sluggish. I guess that is normal? I'll add them later. Maybe I'll have more!