Wednesday, November 03, 2010

NaNo, NaNo....

So, the first day of NaNoWriMo went swimmingly. I wrote 1500ish words. Just shy of the daily goal but so be it, I wrote 1500ish words!  Cause for small celebration. I'm on the move.

Then yesterday came. And went. And no words. No WRITTEN words. Not on the story, at least.

But I did accomplish these things:
  • voted (important)
  • went to my PO Box and picked up mail (Bed, Bath and Beyond catalog)
  • trimmed the three bushes in front of my house (now Clio and Calliope can better see out - me, too)
  • weed-eated my front lawn and rid my front lawn of a lot of dead stuff (long overdue)
  • edited 30 pages of a novel plus three short stories for an upcoming anthology
  • checked and wrote a lot of emails (daily task)
  • checked the sales numbers on books (I'm addicted to the numbers)
  • and watched Dancing with the Stars
Productive day, you say? I say not. There were NO WORDS.

Procrastination, pure and simple.

What, say you? That I accomplished a lot? That these things needed to be done? That my day was full and busy already? Pshaw. Excuses. Bottom line is, I didn't make it a priority. I chose other things. I did not make room. I failed Day Two of NaNoWriMo and now on my web page it says: 2 unsuccessful days (you know, because I didn't actually make the Day 1 goal either).

So now, with all of you as my witness, I vow I will do better today. Okay, so I'm off....
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