Thursday, January 27, 2011

Publish well, publish often, publish to sell

Note: This article in its entirety was published yesterday at WG2E, The Writer's Guide to EPublishing.

By Kim Jacobs (aka Maddie James)
CEO and Publisher, Turquoise Morning Press

I’ve said it myself—anyone can publish a book in today’s publishing world. It’s true. That statement is also a misnomer.

You can publish. There are dozens of options from which to choose. The key, however, is to publish well, to publish often, and publish to sell.

So how do you do that? Whether you choose to self-publish, or publish with a small independent press, there is work to do. The notion of dashing off a book, piecing together an adequate cover, and uploading to the first retailer you see might sound like a cool and fun thing to do—but don’t do it. Your book deserves time and attention, and requires a great deal of effort and planning on either your, or your publisher’s (or both!) part.

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