Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What is abundance?

Recently I was gifted with the book Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach. It's not a new book to me, I remember it well from the late 90's. In fact, way back then I bought the workbook to work through, and did get so far through it. Why I bought the workbook, and not the book, I am not sure. Perhaps the book was sold out. At any rate, many years later, I now own both book and workbook, and as part of my morning "Circle Time" I'm moving through them.

The book is designed for a daily bit of reading and inspiration, starting January 1. Since today is February 15, I'm a bit behind, so I'm reading through January now to catch up. I'm glad I didn't start in August.

I'm one to always look to affirmations and thinks that coincidence is more than happenstance--I think coincidence is planned (by someone) more than left to chance. So it is interesting that I find myself diving into this book at this time in my life. A time where I've made a huge leap of faith, have so far survived that, but know that I still have miles to go to work on me.

A couple of weeks earlier, my friend Jan and I had signed up to take a class titled "Creating Abundance" by a local medium we know and have visited on occasion. We're both looking forward to it. A few days later, this book expectantly lands in my hands, gifted by a woman whom I had just hired as an editor. I had met her long before, didn't know her well, but knew her work. I surprised as anything to receive the book.

That evening during dinner I had to stretch my brain. I know this book, I thought. Have I read it? Stretching a little further, I remembered the workbook. Purposely, I haven't looked at the workbook yet, other than to locate it on my shelf. I wonder how far I got into it, what I wrote, what it meant to me at that time, how my thoughts about the subject might be different, more than a decade later?

I know I have changed since the late 90's. I've grown in more ways than I can say. I know I'm continuing to grow. I look forward to the revelations of my life this book might lead me to, and sharing them with you on occasion here.

So, I wonder. What is abundance? I suppose I will discover what that means for me--as a woman, a mother, a creative being, a friend, a daughter, a sister, and on and on. I wonder if my definition of abundance will change? I wonder if I'll discover that it's already changed over time?

What is your definition of abundance at this point in your life?

Today, I'll leave you with a brief quote from the Foreward of the book.

Reading books changes lives. So does writing them. May simple abundance, through its gentle lessons of comfort and joy, help you find the authentic life you were born to live.
--Sarah Ban Breathnach, May 1995

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Suzanne Barrett said...

I own this book and have gone through it twice. I feel it is a great help in seeing what we need to, to be happy. I love the term "simple abundance." It shows what is truly important in life and that those important things are indeed simple.