Saturday, April 02, 2011

Making Time for Reading?

Everyone once in a while I lament the fact that I'm not taking the time to simply get lost in a book. I mean, really get lost in it. You know, one of those days when you cuddle up with your favorite afghan on the sofa, donned in your comfiest clothes that you wouldn't be seen out in public wearing, and without a care in the world, do nothing all day long but read

Sometimes I think that as writers, we don't allow ourselves this privilege when in fact, it might be the best thing ever for our writing. I know there are a lot of days when I think, "I just can't sit at this computer another minute." Or, my head is so full of story line and plot, that I can't think of anything else...and maybe, just maybe, I'm going a little stale.

This is when my brain needs a break. A good, long, deep read often is just the trick. Not my story, but someone else's story. Sometimes a movie will do the trick in a pinch, too.

Last week I started a Tami Hoag thriller and even though my brain has flashed back to the story several times, I've not gone back to pick up the book. Why? Too busy--in my head, anyway. Today I will find time. Tomorrow I'm also going with my friend, Jan, to see Jane Eyre. I'm looking forward to it.

So, get your story fix, okay? Make time for it. We all really need to do it!

I'd love to know what you are reading now, and what book you've allowed yourself to get lost in lately. Please share! And if you do decide to comment, tomorrow I'll pick a random commenter to receive a digital copy of any of my ebooks. Tell me, what are you reading?


jeff7salter said...

I'm afraid I don't carve out enough time to read ... and haven't for decades. Which often amuses people who learn I spent nearly 30 years in the library profession. LOL --- I had many thousands of books all around me, but couldn't find time to read but a fraction.
I read a lot more before we acquired our first TV set. After that, I usually had a book (or two) going, but I tended to turn to the TV rather than open the novel I'd started.
At present, I have a stack of books I've purchased from new colleagues in the RWA universe. Just finished Maddie James' novella about Ladies of Legend ... and have started Jillian Chantal's novel "Solo Honeymoon."
My actual taste runs to Ken Follett & Fredrick Forsythe & Jack Higgins --- so it's an adjustment process. But I'm enjoying the ride.

Shanon Grey said...

I read! When I'm not writing, I find I have another book in my hand. Plus, I read multiple books at once, generally where I lay them down. Right now it's Jayne Krentz, Susan Wiggs, Kat Martin, and Margaret Ethridge. A little something for every room.

Maddie James said...

Jeff, isn't it just so? I have spent many years working in literacy programs and I know how important reading is, being a writer not even entering into the picture! We must make more time!I've read Ken Follet, years past... hm, if your reading tastes run this way, it begs the question why you've decided to write in a different genre?

Shannon, I strive to be more like you. I like the authors you mention, as well. I'm looking forward to seeing Shannon Grey on my shelf one of these days soon!

JeanMP said...

I go through periods where I just read and read, can't put books down, then I have had enough for awhile. Last book I was reading was Brenda Joyce-The Chase.

Maddie James said...

Hi Jean. Brenda Joyce is a name I have not picked up in years! I remember back in the day, maybe in the late 80s or early 90s, she was considered pretty risque with some of her books. I wonder how they would be considered today. :) I might have to look up a title or two. Thanks!

lindseye said...

I have been reading Emma Wildes Notorious Bachelors trilogy and Lorelei James's books. Picking up a lot of new to me authors since I went every day to Ashley March's blog and she was highlighting historical romance authors.

Maddie James said...

You know, Lindseye, maybe a big ol' historical is what I need to get into. I went to Emma's site and looks like she has some yummy ones. I'm going to check out Lorelie James, and oh boy! Ashely does have some great recommendations on her blog. I've not been there before. Looks like a keeper. Thanks!

Tracy Hacker said...

Hi Maddie! I loved the subject of this blog so much I had to comment.

It's so true that when you write you don't always allow yourself enough time to indulge in getting lost in a good book. I found myself mulling over the same thing about a week ago. Since then I've plowed through Johanna Lindsey's That Perfect Someone in only two days, and am about two chapters in on Gaelen Foley's My Wicked Marquess.

I've fully enjoyed setting my internal editor on pause and submerging myself in someone else's fantasy world. I didn't realize how much I missed it! It felt so good I may make it at least a monthly thing to set aside a weekend specifically for reading and enjoying the genre I love so much.

Thanks for the blog! ;)

Maddie James said...

Hey Tracy! So glad to see you here. Thanks for stopping by. A once a month goal is doable, I think. I'll put that on my list. I'm big into lists these days, and "scheduling" stuff into my life. Probably good I don't have a husband because I'm sure he would't like being penciled in....

But that's another subject, right? :)

Maddie James said...

Hi all! tells me that the random number selected today for a digital ebook is #1. That means, Jeff, the free ebook is yours! I'll send you an email and you can pick a title. Thanks for coming by, all. I hope to see you again!