Saturday, July 09, 2011

A book and its cover(s)....

Book covers are fun, huh? I always love getting new ones, and I even enjoy designing them. When the cover really tells a story, and hooks the reader in, it's a great thing.

I have a new release this week--actually, it's the now digital version of an older print title--and I have to say I really love the cover. I won't even say that I designed it. Oh, okay, I will. I did.

Actually, if the truth be known, this cover (left) is version three of the cover. Each cover I designed I thought was awesome. And then I would let it sit a while, and I'd decide it wasn't so awesome. Not quite sure why, because they were perfectly nice covers, but they just didn't do. So, I went back to the drawing board and back to the stock photo places to browse.

Then, I found the photo I wanted. (see above)  And likely no wonder! Perhaps the old Kensington cover was subliminally making suggestions behind the scene. Ya think?

Well, they are not identical, to be sure, but you've got the beachy feel (see that sailboat in the background?) at least.

I happened to remember, I had two more covers of this book! Both are foreign versions, so I thought it would be fun to take a peek at those. I didn't have electronic versions, so I had to snap a couple of pictures of the actual book, and the crop, etc... The quality is not great, but you get the idea.

Aren't they kind of cool? I'm thinking one is Dutch and one German. Anyone wanna correct me?

By the way, Crazy For You is now available again as an ebook and for sale at many of the usual places -- Amazon Kindle . Nook . All Romance Ebooks.


Lauren said...

Hopped over from blogfrog just to check out your blog and be your newest GFC follower!

Maddie James said...

Hi Lauren. Wow, thanks for following! Glad you stopped by and left me a message. :) I'm heading over to check out your frog, too! :)