Monday, May 21, 2012

The prescription....

I'm ba-ack. (I told you I would be!)

Like I said the other day in this blog post, I know I've been gone for a while. I really and truly didn't think I had many interesting things to blog about anymore -- that, in fact, is not entirely true. Heck, I'm a writer. I can find things to write about. TIME has been the factor, but...

But I've re-examined. I've had some changes going on in my life lately and perhaps they are bloggable. I'll take the risk and see what you all think.

In early April I had a scare -- a health scare. On a Sunday evening I drove myself to the ER with chest pain. I didn't feel well all day and couldn't put my finger on it. Then more symptoms, and a quick Google search, plus a call from a friend where I divulged my symptoms, and before you know it, I'm plugged up to machines and IV bags and spending the night in the ER.

No, I wasn't having a heart attack. I am grateful for that. But the next week was a flurry of doctor visits and tests -- including stress test and all that comes with it -- and the bottom line is, I now do have a cardiologist.
And even though my tests all came back normal, I'm "of a certain age" and there is heart history problems in my family, plus diabetes, and my doctor thinks I have sleep apnea, so the prescription was this: LOSE WEIGHT.

Consequently, I've added these things to my life:

Walking, generally every morning and sometimes evening. 

I now have a gym membership. 

And Zumba! OMG!!!!

(Okay, one Zumba class but I do plan to go back next week.)

And have changed my diet to this:

And this...

Yes, a plant-based diet. With restrictions on top of that. Doctor's orders. I will share more about how that is going for me in the coming days.

So yeah, there is a little bit to write about, and I'm planning on all of you holding me accountable, you here?
Okay, now that that is done....

Time for breakfast. Oatmeal, strawberries, and a drizzle of Maple syrup. (all plant-based and allowable!) Yum!

See you soon. (I have recipes!)

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