Saturday, August 11, 2012

It's here! CONVINCING NORA is now released!


I'm so excited to share that my latest romance novel, CONVINCING NORA, has now been released!

I love this little small town romance between Dr. Caleb Wyatt, and school secretary Nora Jamieson. Caleb thinks he's found the perfect place to start his life over and open up is rural veterinary practice -- far away from the trouble that plagued him in Montana. But when Nora fumbles her Plain Jane self into his life, he realizes that settling down is not going to be as easy as he thought.

You can find CONVINCING NORA at All Romance Ebooks, AmazonBarnes & NobleSmashwords, and at the Turquoise Morning Press bookstore

More about the book

Dr. Caleb Wyatt thinks the peaceful little town of Greenfield is the perfect place to start his veterinary practice…until the morning he opens the doors of his animal clinic. Mrs. Pierson’s poodle has been looking for love in all the wrong places—not to mention a colicky calf, a yellow-tinged iguana, and a Lorikeet-eating cat are wreaking havoc with his business. In short…chaos!

Until he temporarily hires the lovely and quite organized, Nora Jamieson.

Nora wasn’t out to find a job. She was only seeking help for a hairball and flea-infested, newly rescued cat she’d given a furever home. She wasn’t looking for a man either, just a companion, and Dicey the cat fit the bill. She reluctantly agrees to work for Caleb, but as the days roll on, working becomes a whole lot more than a summer distraction. In fact, she fears falling for Caleb, something this plain Jane girl thought she would never experience.

It’s time to retreat. And fast.

Caleb senses Nora’s confusion and soon finds that convincing her to work for him was the easy part. Convincing Nora that he’s her forever man is quite another.

An excerpt 

A woman knows when a man is staring at her. It’s a sixth sense sort of thing. And Nora Jamieson knew that the man behind her in the grocery checkout line was staring a hole through her.


With nary a sideways glance, she carefully placed her selected items on the counter: a half-gallon of milk, a soft drink, a square pack of American cheese slices, three cans of cat food, a box of tampons. A disconnected collection, to be sure, and she still had no clue what was for dinner. She nudged the tampons behind the milk, semi-hiding the box. Only then did her gaze drift to the left toward his groceries.


A large hand placed a divider in front of his order. Whipping cream, butter, linguini, Parmesan cheese, fresh mushrooms, a small chicken, and a few items more her brain didn’t register, were set one after another onto the moving counter. Much more exciting than her choices. His hands worked back and forth (large, callused hands with long fingers); the items piled up. Her gaze traveled to his arms to his chest, throat, face….

Eye contact.

She jerked back to stare at her own purchases.


Savannah Chase said...

Huge congrats on the wonderful new release.

Maddie James said...

Thanks so much, Savannah!