Sunday, August 19, 2012


Last week I started something new called FIRST AND LAST MONDAY. You can check out last week's post to learn more.

The two sentences that follow came from a book I've recently read and I asked people to either guess the book, comment on the page, or tell me what a sentence or two in-between might be. Man, you guys came up with some funny sentences!

So, once again, here is last week's FIRST AND LAST:

Catherine stepped from the dock onto the creaky planks. She gave Dawson a reason to love again and they both found safe harbor in the circle of each other’s arms and in the deep and eternal ocean of their love.

Anyone guess CASTAWAY HEARTS by Taryn Raye? If so, you would be right! And the person who wins the copy of CONVINCING NORA this week is....drum roll.... Jennifer Johnson! She was the magic #5 poster and besides that, had a really cool sentence. Congrats, Jennifer! Nora will be heading your way. :)

Now let's move onto this week's FIRST AND LAST. I will not give any hints--just the sentences as they are. Here goes.

FIRST AND LAST Monday -- What book is this?

Miller snapped off the ignition and sagged against the seat.  “You’ll manage. You’re one tough engineer lady. That’s one of the things I love about you.”

Ooohhh. This one might not be so easy? Any thoughts as to the book? Author? What sentences would you write in between the two? I leave it in your capable hands. Let the commenting begin for a chance to win FRESHLY DEAD!


geminimoon60 said...

Nice one Maddie .....

Maddie James said...

Hey there Jose. Thanks for stopping by! Hope you are doing well this Monday morning!

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for the spotlight, Maddie! :)

I have no clue which one this is! I keep wracking my brain, but drawing a blank.

Maddie James said...

I'm honored to put you in the spotlight, Taryn! Perhaps I should give a hint about this book. It's a romantic suspense novel and is published by Turquoise Morning Press!