Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A brand new release (from an old, old story...)

One of my favorite scenarios for a romance novel is when hero and heroine are forced to spend time together in a place they cannot leave. And of course, they are not liking each other very much when they get stuck together -- wherever that might be. Elevator. A stranded yacht in the middle of the ocean. An hour long cab ride. A cabin in a winter snowstorm.

I love when that happens. Apparently, I loved it so much, I wrote a story about that last scenario -- the cabin. I'm sure it's been done a thousand times or more.

But this story is mine. MINE! And I am quite fond of it.

BODY HEAT, which released yesterday, is part of the new VINTAGE Category Romance line at Turquoise Morning Press. It is a story that I originally wrote back in the 90s. Yes, a while ago. Back in the late 90s, I published my first book with Kensington, and I believe this story was written about that same time. I didn't have much success pushing it out there. I remember I wrote it with Harlequin Presents in mind, and even sent it off to the UK with grand hopes that it would be perfect.

It wasn't. Okay....

Fast-forward several years while life marches on, and this particular manuscript lay trapped in the bowels of an old Mac computer, circa 1992 aka FLOPPY DISKS, and the like. I stewed over it, because the computer appeared dead, but I had these disks, and they were full of stories...  I took them to a Mac shop; they said they couldn't read them. I bought a floppy disk reader that connected to my PC. It worked, sorta...  But I had to somehow connect to the old Mac for things to finally work. I don't remember exactly how I did it, and I don't want to have to replicate the process in the future, but 10 years after I wrote the book and thought it long gone, I suddenly had it back.

And... another one, too!

I didn't immediately set out to rewrite. Things happen, life progressed, and a few years later FINALLY I started rewriting, revising and editing this story. It wasn't titled BODY HEAT then. It was something hokey like, "No Man's Land," I think. BODY HEAT came to me just a couple of months ago, while doing final edits.

I really like this story. I had forgotten that it has Beauty and the Beast elements. I love the scenes with hero/heroine in the cabin -- the high sexual tension rippling throughout as Blaire and Darian explore this love-hate thing between them.

I'm happy that BODY HEAT finally has its day! It always scares me a little bit when a new book comes out -- fear of failure, I guess -- but the energy that I get from a new release is addictive, and I'm ready to do it again. My next release will be sometime in the fall (gee, that seems so far away!)

BODY HEAT is available now at the publisher website, and several other online retailers. More coming soon. You can read more about BODY HEAT, and chapter one, by visiting my website

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Renee Vincent said...

Happy release week to you Maddie! This book sounds like a great one.