Thursday, January 30, 2014

Featuring Amie Denman: Will Work For Love in the UNFORGETTABLE HEROES boxed set

Amie Denman, EPIC Award and Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence finalist.

Today I am featuring Amie Denman's book, Will Work For Love, which is included in the UNFORGETTABLE HEROES boxed set just released by Turquoise Morning Press (see gorgeous cover above!). Amie's book is a BAREFOOT BOOK, which means there is the requirement of a beach as the setting of the story. Ironically, this story happens at Christmas time -- a very nice contrast!

Here is a bit about the book:

Hurricane Destiny leaves a trail of destruction across the island of St. Thomas, jeopardizing the wedding of Whitney Oliver’s best friend. When Whitney arrives on the island, she finds a disaster only a sexy carpenter like Chris Maxwell can repair. Despite the sizzle between them, Chris has secrets that threaten his construction business and force him to work for Whitney’s love. 

And an excerpt!

Brilliant pink and coral streaked the evening sky outside the windows of the small aircraft. With a rush of relief, Whitney Oliver watched the line of passengers ahead of her shuffle toward the open door. Warm island breezes and sea air wafted toward her down the narrow aisle.
“Welcome to St. Thomas,” the stewardess said as Whitney exited the plane. “Happy Holidays.”
“Thank you.”
A man at the bottom of the metal steps pointed the passengers toward the small building to retrieve their luggage and get island transportation.
“Vacationing alone?” he asked, his sun-browned face wrinkling into a friendly smile.
“Wedding,” Whitney said.
“Lucky man.”
It felt like a vacation as she crossed the tarmac at the tiny airport. She paused outside the doors of the small building where the man directed the passengers. The warm evening air and ocean smell were a sharp contrast from cold wintry Boston. Whitney didn’t want to go into the airport building quite yet. She pulled her cell phone from her purse and called Taylor.
“Did you make it okay?” her friend asked as soon as she picked up.
“I’m standing here on beautiful St. Thomas at sunset.”
“And how is…did you see any damage?” Taylor paused. “Is everything okay?”
Whitney laughed. “I haven’t seen your estate yet, but stop worrying. You think about your fiancĂ© and that tiny baby. I’ll get everything ready for your wedding.”
“You’re the best maid of honor in the world.”
“I know. Enduring two weeks at an estate on a tropical island…it’s going to be rough.”
“Call me every day,” Taylor laughed, “or I’ll think you ran off with a hot islander.”
“Right. Then I’ll be the one having a shotgun wedding next Christmas Eve.”
“Do you think my father will bring a shotgun?”
“Your father would make his chauffeur carry it,” Whitney said. “And he couldn’t be happier about your wedding.”
Christmas music—tropical style with steel drums and a reggae undertone—played in the lobby as Whitney searched the luggage pile for her large red suitcase. It was stuffed full and embroidered with the name of her company, OutWhit Outplay Sportswear, in looping white letters. She flipped the suitcase onto its wheels and headed toward the revolving door next to a sign advertising rental cars just outside.
She approached the revolving door and stepped briskly into it, expecting her suitcase to roll behind her obediently. Chronic over-packing finally caught up with her, though, and her overstuffed red suitcase got firmly sandwiched in the door. The whole revolving door ground to a stop and refused to move even an inch.
She dug in her heels and pushed harder. Several people waiting to either enter or leave the lobby looked at her curiously but without a whole lot of sympathy. They were probably thinking a girl with a suitcase of that size should never have attempted the revolving door.
Whitney tried a new tactic. She braced herself firmly against the inside of her glass triangle and put one foot on her suitcase. If she could shove it backward out of the door, she might get the whole thing moving again. A small bead of sweat rolled down the back of her neck. An entranced crowd of people gathered to watch the lady with the red suitcase fight the revolving door for freedom.
“It’s not working,” Whitney said aloud. She noticed that not one of the many fascinated tourists in the airport was doing a thing. They are going to stand there and watch me die in this damn door, she thought, as she planted both feet against the side of her suitcase and shoved as hard as she could.
Again, nothing. Whitney lowered to the floor and closed her eyes. Some maid of honor I am. I’ll still be stuck in this damn revolving door in two weeks as my best friend sways down the aisle on her parents’ estate. Taylor deserves better than this. Deserves a friend who would finalize her wedding plans and not get stuck in a door at the airport, trapped forever to endure a horrible death by the weight of her own luggage.
Her feet were still propped against her suitcase when, miraculously, she felt it start to slide. She opened her eyes and looked into a set of blue eyes the exact color of the tropical waters she’d just flown over. Had death come quickly, floating her toward heaven on a wave of sparkling water? The blue eyes belonged to a guardian angel who was going to free her from her sweat-drenched body and the burden of her earthly possessions in an awkward red suitcase now missing one-half of a zipper.
“You might want to get up,” the angel said.
Whitney had never actually seen an angel, but she was pretty sure that a seraph wouldn’t have a jaunty scar over one eye, dark blond hair a touch too long, a rakish grin, and shoulders wide enough to shoulder all her earthly burdens. Of course, this angel came with a big benefit. He was bracing those broad shoulders in the door and dragging her suitcase out the opening. One giant tug and the suitcase surrendered to the tall blond man. The door swung freely, and Whitney sprang to her feet. In one fluid movement, she swept out into the warm tropical air.
The man balanced her suitcase on one shoulder and stood on the pavement outside the door staring at her. He moves fast. Whitney took a deep steadying breath of the fragrant island air.

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JC Wardon said...

Looks like a fun read! Can't wait to get a moment to relax and take a mind-trip to the tropics!

Renee Vincent said...

Loved that excerpt, Amie! I've had lots of fiascoes in airports before and never has anyone that appealing come to my aid. *swoon* I'm a sucker for blond hair and blue eyed, broad-shouldered men. I suppose that's where my fetish for Norsemen comes from.

Many happy sales to you! And us :-)

Maggie said...

Great excerpt! Love this boxed set. Such a great collection!

Janie Emaus said...

Loved that sneak into your book. Congrats on the box set.

Arlene Hittle said...

I'm intrigued! I have to download this boxed set before it goes away!