Saturday, May 10, 2014

Have you met Smyth?

Good morning. This is Smyth Parker. If you have read my romantic suspense novel, A PERFECT ESCAPE, you may have already met him. But if not, you'll have a chance to meet him very soon, and, well, you won't have to spend as much money!

Smyth is part of an upcoming romantic suspense boxed set that will release this Wednesday, May 15. The set is called Sex, Lies & Murder, because, well, there is a fair amount of all three in each of these four novels. But here is the best part -- for a limited time, these four, full-length romantic suspense novels are priced at a promotional price of only $0.99. 

How could you go wrong with that? I mean, look up at that grin and those eyes, ladies. How can you resist?

More news on the 15th about the release. Until then, feel free to come back here at any time and stare at Smyth a little longer....

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