Saturday, August 30, 2014

My Sexy Saturday -- Trust Me

It's been a while since I've participated in My Sexy Saturday, but what the heck, this a fun blog and a great way to share some of my work with you!

The guidance says to post 7 paragraphs, 7 sentences, or 7 lines from a published or unpublished work. Sci-fi is the theme for this week.

Now, generally I write contemporary or paranormal romance, but I happen to have this work-in-progress titled Trust Me, that I think fits the bill.

Here's the set-up:

The year is 2095, in a post-revolution time. The story opens "somewhere east of the Mississippi." The heroine, Cyan, is running. The man she is running with, is her protector, but only days prior, he was a bounty hunter, searching for her. Her hunter has now become her protector.

The 7 paragraphs, from Chapter Eight:

The scream woke him; her bolt off the bed scared the hell out of him. In seconds he’d assessed the room. Just the two of them. And before he could come to his senses, he’d flipped himself off the bed and had tackled her back to the mattress. She was out of control. Had to rein her in. Keep her from making a lot of noise. She was the only danger tonight. To him. To them. It was her soft sobs that undid him, as she lay gasping for air. “Dammit, Cyan. What is it?”

The small shaft of light from the bathroom flickered across her face, illuminated a trail of tears. He didn’t want to be tender. Didn’t need to be tender. But every muscle in his body screamed for him to be compassionate, caring, and yes, tender. Unlike him. Didn’t need that now. Not now. Tenderness would throw him off his edge. He needed his edge.

“Dream,” she said finally, looking up into his face. “Vision.”

He nodded. Understood. Slowly, he reached up to her cheek and smeared away one of those tear-tracks. “I’m sorry. But good. Info we need. Things to avoid. Or be prepared for.”

She nodded, not breaking the connection with his gaze. “I couldn’t find you. You left me.”

He shook his head. Impossible. “I won’t do that, Cyan. I’ll never leave you behind. I promise.” I promised your father.

Her chin jutted out slightly. “You did. You will.”
So there you go! Thoughts?

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