Friday, September 26, 2014

It's a cowboy sort of week!

Release week is always fun. And busy. And well, chaotic! But the best part is sharing the news. It's like your baby is finally out in the world for everyone to see.

I knew that I would have one release this week -- but I didn't realize that I would sort of have two!

Besides the scheduled release of Callie, I found out that the German translation of Rawhide and Roses is now available for pre-order, with the release set for November 4.

Here are the details on both books.

Callie: The Long Road Home
The Montana McKennas, Book Two

Leaving her job behind and heading home to Montana for a family emergency is worrisome enough, but when Callie McKenna’s New York future collides head-on with her Montana past, she is faced with making a life-altering decision.

Callie McKenna is going home. Her father has suffered a fall from his horse and she is needed back at the ranch. She temporarily leaves New York and her promotion behind to be with her family in Montana, planning only to stay until her father is well again.

But she doesn’t expect the worse, and Callie loses her father. Nor does she expect to rekindle an old relationship with ranch hand, Murphy Reynolds.

Nothing goes according to plan. Callie must face her past, to not only mend some family fences, but to figure out what is happening between her and Murphy. She knows the choices she makes now will shape her future. But will that future be with Murphy and her family on the ranch, or will it be back in New York, where her promotion waits along with that quaint little brownstone she adores?

Release date: September 25, 2014

Have you read book one in The Montana McKennas series, Brody: The Long Road Home by Jan Scarbrough? If not, click here for more details!

And here are the details for the German translation of Rawhide and Roses! (Can you read German? I can't!)  For the English version, you can click here.

Sie liebt Rosen …

Keine Spielverderberin sein und ihrer besten Freundin einen Gefallen tun – kein Problem für die elegante Kim Martin. Doch für einen Wanderritt durch Colorado ist sie nicht im Geringsten gerüstet. Vor allem, als ihr Bergführer sich als raubeiniger Cowboy herausstellt, so ungezähmt wie die Wildnis um sie herum. Seine Art, sich in freier Natur zu bewegen, mag manche Frau auf Touren bringen, doch die Großstädterin Kim kann ihm widerstehen … beinahe.

Er ist rau wie rohes Leder ...

Thad Winchesters Geduldsfaden ist ungefähr so dünn wie der Hosenboden seiner Jeans, wenn es um Großstädterinnen und ihre Allüren geht. Doch Kim hat etwas an sich, was seine strikte Geschäftsregel – Finger weg von Touristinnen! – auf eine harte Probe stellt. Die mutige Blondine ist genau die Frau, die er sich auf seiner Ranch wünscht. Thad muss nur die Wildblume in ihr zum Vorschein bringen und sie davon überzeugen, dass er der Richtige für sie ist. Ganz und gar.

Available for Pre-order at AMAZON. Release date November 4, 2014. 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

A message about my newsletter....

Hi everyone. This is the last time I'll be posting newsletter content to my blog or other social media sites. Of course, I'll still be blogging (yeah well, I've been remiss in that, too, you say? I know, I know... fixing that as well. Very soon!) But I digress... Newsletter subscribers will get the book news first! Read below for details....

      September 2014

Hello Readers, it's me, Maddie....
Yes. I'm an AWOL author. Yes, I am guilty of sporadic and maybe even mundane newsletters. I mean, it's been since July that I've even sent a newsletter. True, you might not have even missed me. How can you miss a newsletter when it comes sporadically and is mundane?

Probably, you don't. 

So, I've been thinking. I want to make a commitment. To this newsletter. To you, dear readers. I want to make it so fantastically appealing that you will squeal with delight and do a little chair-dance when you see it hit your inbox.

I want you to tear into it wondering, "What has Maddie got in store for me this month?" 

That's my commitment. Here is my plan. 

1. I will send one newsletter a month. That's all. I don't want to clog up your inbox and I want you to anticipate this one newsletter you will get from me! The newsletter will go out the first week of the month and it will be short and sweet.
2. I will tell you about my upcoming new releases and will give you advanced sneak peeks. Only my newsletter subscribers will get these sneak peeks!
3. I will tell you about my current sales and discounts. And I'll also reserve special sales/discounts for my newsletter readers only, or you will get the news first!
4. I will give you a FREE EBOOK every month. Yes, you heard that right. Every month, if you open up this newsletter, you will find a code for a FREE EBOOK of one of my titles. You won't get this free code anywhere else. You must be a newsletter subscriber to get it.
5. I will tell you about any events or appearances coming up.
6. And occasionally I will hold contests and giveaways for goodiesfor my newsletter subscribers only

So, do we have a deal?

If this sounds like cool beans to you, do nothing, and this new newsletter format will hit your inbox in early October. 

If you are not at all interested in continuing to receive this newsletter, and you are actually wondering why I am sending this email, then feel free to gently opt-out by hitting the unsubscribe link at the top of this email. (Remember, at some point, you opted-in to a mailing list for me, but I definitely understand that things change! It's okay to unsubscribe. Totally!)

But hey, I'm hoping you'll stick around, because I'm really excited about getting back into newslettering with you. I have some fantastic new releases upcoming, and some planned giveaways, and don't forget about those monthly FREE EBOOKS!

See you first week of October, 

Maddie James
p.s. If you are receiving this newsletter and you are not currently a subscriber, but you want to be, just send an email, and I'll get you signed up!

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