Monday, December 28, 2015

Today's #MondayMashup from Maddie James

By now the big holiday push has past and I hope you all are settling in for a quiet week. With the new year just around the corner, it's the perfect time to both reflect on the past, and plan for the future. I've been doing a little of both--more planning, than reflecting, to be honest.

I'm looking at a pretty aggressive release schedule for 2016, which means I'm spending quite a bit of time this week organizing myself and resting up for the long haul. At this point I have 12 books set to release in 2016 -- a mix of full-length novels and novellas. I'll share more about that soon!

Here's some late-breaking news:

Entangled, book three in the Soul Mates time travel series, is now in print! Click here for information.

My cowboy, Parker, is hands down my bestselling book right now. Parker McKenna is part of the McKenna Ranch clan from Montana. This series is co-written with Jan Scarbrough. Have you checked out this bestselling cowboy series yet?

Maddie's Book News Today releases every Monday morning. Feel free to follow me to get book related news and events. Fueled by and routinely posted to Twitter and Facebook.

And for a limited time, Home for the Holidays will remain on sale for #99cents. Catch your copy on sale through January 4, 2016.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Jan Scarbrough's Kentucky Cowboy is this week's #FridayFeature!

My hero Judd Romeo in Kentucky Cowboy is a bull rider, a member of the PBR, the Professional Bull Riders. Meet him as my heroine does for the first time since high school.

Fisting her hand, Mandy pounded on the door. Then she stuck both hands into her pants pockets, knocking her car keys out of the right pocket. She bent down to pick them up.

The door opened and a pair of hand-tooled, black leather cowboy boots stepped into her line of vision.

For an instant, Mandy forgot to breathe, and then her breath came too quickly. Her heart raced. She glanced up. Up past the pointed toes of expensive leather boots, past tight Wranglers, past a big gold belt buckle pressed against a flat belly and a white Western shirt that delineated a broad chest and brawny arms, and into the piercing blue eyes of Judd Romeo.

She tipped her head back, unprepared for what she saw. Time seemed to stand still. Judd shifted his stance and flashed his familiar, bad boy smile. There was a Colin Farrell edginess about him, a sexy untamable quality that welled up from every fiber of his cowboy persona.

“Hello, Mandy,” he said.

Mandy has never appreciated Judd’s love of bull riding. It’s too risky and foolhardy. She doesn’t understand what motivates him.

She glanced at the makeshift bucking bull hanging between the trees. “Why do you ride bulls?”

It was a long moment before he answered. “It’s a sensation that’s hard to explain—the greatest sensation imaginable. That shot of adrenaline when you leave the chute is addictive.”

Her eyebrows drew together at his words. “But it’s so dangerous. Men have been killed trying to ride bulls.” She shook her head. “I don’t understand the appeal. It can’t be the money, because your mom told me you barely made ends meet during most of your career. Why have you stuck with it for ten years?”

Judd flashed a sudden confident smile. “It’s quite simple, really,” he said, giving her a once over with a look that curled her toes. “I like to make the crowd cheer. I like to win.”

A reviewer on Amazon recently validated my characterization of Judd when she said, “We are bull riding fans at our house so this book was particularly interesting to me. Ms. Scarbrough must either be a diehard fan of bull riding or did a lot of research of the sport of bull riding and interviews with bull riders because she really relates to the passion these young men have.”

Meet Judd Romeo when Kentucky Cowboy is available for free December 25-December 27 at iBooks, All Romance eBooks and Kobo.

Kentucky Cowboy Blurb

A contender for the world title, professional bull rider Judd Romeo defies death for a living. Now he must deal with the death of his mother by settling her estate. Returning home to Kentucky, he runs smack dab into the arms of his high school sweetheart, a woman he has never forgotten.

Veterinarian Mandy Sullivan learned early on that risk-takers are trouble. Having custody of her sister’s child, she is working hard to be both mother and father to the abandoned girl, and doesn’t count on trouble showing up next door.

Mandy discovers she can’t avoid the famous cowboy she’s never quite put out of her mind. When Mandy’s sister comes back threatening to take away the little girl Mandy loves as her own, will she realize Judd is not the same man he was in school?


"Warmhearted and wonderful... Kentucky Cowboy is a keeper." — Bestselling Author Joanne Rock

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Tempt Me is today's #TuesdayTeaser!

Today's #TuesdayTeaser is from Tempt Me. This is an erotic romance/thriller. Enjoy!

“If you do that one more time,” he growled, “I’m not responsible for my actions.”
Jordan Cross stared into the eyes of the man sitting next to her. The dark depths drew her in, rendering her powerless to pull her gaze away. Country music spun around them in the crowded City Limits bar, as patrons jostled up to order drinks. She ignored them, concentrating on the sexy specimen in front of her.
She’d had just enough tequila to lower her inhibitions but not nearly enough to lose her clothes. Yet. She glanced behind the guy’s head to the bartender, putting up two fingers. “’Nother round,” she shouted. He nodded and Jordan turned back to reconnect with those fathomless, suggestive orbs.
Something dangerous and sensual tripped down her spine, playing over each vertebrae like the melody of a siren song. It had been a long week. She was due some down time. Deserved a night to play. Right? They sat facing each other, gazes locked, their barstools nearly touching. His black hair was tousled and unkempt, his equally black T-shirt tight across this biceps and chest. One of her legs draped over his thigh, his legs spread wide. Jordan hooked the pointed toe of her western-style boot around a stool leg and jerked him closer.
His face broke into a sexy grin.
The corner of her mouth rose in a saucy smile to echo his.
Oh yes, she fully intended to do exactly what she had been doing—one more time, and then some. To hell with being responsible.
“Where were we?” she teased.
“I was saying you need to stop or I…” He lazily leaned in and bit her lower lip, tugging on it with his teeth. He pulled back and let go when the bartender placed two more shots of tequila in front of them.
Jordan straightened. She licked then salted her hand, and grabbed a lime and her shot. In a one-two-three motion, she exhaled and licked the salt, downed the shot, and bit the lime. Expertly turning the shot glass upside down on the bar, she looked at him and said, “Ah. Fortification.”
He raised his shot, threw it back, and countered, “To fornication.”
Jordan nearly spit. “Not what I said.”
He snaked his hands around her waist and pulled her to the edge of her stool. “Doesn’t matter.”
“So about what I was doing.” She leaned in and purred the words, her lips grazing his whiskered cheek, leaving a moist trail of steam behind. Her gut jittery with the anticipation of sex, she trailed a forefinger up his inner thigh, tracing the seam of his jeans with a feather-light touch, all the way up to where the seams joined between his legs.
She held his gaze as her finger pressed on, lazily moving up and over his zipper.
His cock jumped. Jordan arched a brow and grinned. “This?” she repeated.
With a snap, his hand clamped over hers. “Yes.”
She flattened hers out over the heat of his bulge. “Sometimes being irresponsible is the fun part,” she whispered.
He squeezed her hand. “You have no idea what you are getting into, honey. You’re out of your league.”

Jordan smiled. “Au contraire, Mr. Inflated Ego. Bring it on.”

Monday, Monday -- Maddie's #MondayMashup!

Hey folks! It's a new week at my blog and I'm starting off with a Mashup of news from the past week.  (okay, a day late but who's counting?) Here we go!

#RecentRelease -- In case you missed it, I've repackaged and re-released a couple of titles from my Bella Masters collection. Two for Christmas is a compilation of two of my menage a trois novellas with a Christmas twist. Also, Two for Christmas is now available in print, too! Also repackaged is The Bachelorette Party. Watch for news about this one in print soon too. Hopefully in next week's Monday Mashup! Check out this link for more details about my most recent releases.

#NowInPrint -- One of my goals for this year and next is to get all of my books in print -- even the shorter novellas! I'm pleased to share that one of my most popular cowboy books is now in print. Look for Parker, of the Montana McKennas, at your favorite retailer. You can also purchase direct from this link.

Maddie's Book News Today releases every afternoon. Feel free to follow me to get book related news and events. Fueled by

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

New price for boxed sets -- great #deal for the holidays!

Looking for some holiday deals? I just *permanently* lowered the price on two of my boxed sets. These are great deals because you are getting multiple books for much less than you would buy the books individually! It's also an economical way to try out my work, if you have not read me before.

Here are the two, newly reduced, boxed sets! 

All Your Kisses: Contemporary Romance Boxed Set
Small town contemporary romance boxed set by Maddie James. Includes the four popular and bestselling romance novels THE HEARTBREAKER, CRAZY FOR YOU, CONVINCING NORA and FALLING FOR GRACE.

THE HEARTBREAKER is back in town…Lucki Stevenson coaches unruly teenagers and avoids the unwelcome advances of a co-worker in her Parks Department job. So when all-grown-up, boy-next-door, Dr. Sam Kirk moves back into his childhood home, she doesn't hesitate welcoming him back into town. But Sam broke her heart once and she won’t give him a chance to do it again. Right? 

CRAZY FOR YOU. She’s Tofu. He's Beefsteak. Modern-day flower child, Tasha Smith enjoys her laid-back life selling organic fruits and vegetables, even though lately she’s been in a funk over a broken engagement. Determined to shake her blues, she heads down to a resort in sunny Jamaica, and along the way, hooks up with a most unlikely companion—a workaholic salesman who has no idea how sexy he looks in his Brooks Brothers suit!

CONVINCING NORA. Dr. Caleb Wyatt thinks the peaceful little town of Greenfield is the perfect place to start his veterinary practice…until the morning he opens the doors of his animal clinic. Mrs. Pierson’s poodle has been looking for love in all the wrong places—not to mention a colicky calf, a yellow-tinged iguana, and a bird-eating cat are wreaking havoc with his business. In short…chaos! Until he hires the lovely and quite organized, Nora Jamieson.

FALLING FOR GRACE. Former ballerina Gracie Hart is known as the Diva of Romance. The owner of a successful, sophisticated boutique called Romantically Yours, she lives a quiet life, healing from the tragedy that took not only ballet from her, but her fiancé, as well. Who would have guessed that she has no intention of ever falling in love again, no matter how loudly her biological clock keeps ticking?


Perfectly Matched ...and the rest of the Matchmaking Chef Stories. 

THE MATCHMAKING CHEF COLLECTION - Legend's Landing Bed & Breakfast
The eight novellas of The Matchmaking Chef Series

When Suzie Matthews (Bed, Breakfast & You) accidentally cooks up a scene that causes her sister to get back together with her high school boyfriend (Home for the Holidays), she wonders if she can help other singletons living in the small mountain town of Legend, Tennessee find the loves of their lives. Being a matchmaker isn’t really on her list of things to do—after all, she has a bed & breakfast to run, cookbooks to write, and a television show on the Food Channel to keep up with. But baking is her thing, and perhaps matchmaking can be her thing, too.

After all, there is a song going through her head that goes something like this… Matchbaker, Matchbaker, bake me a match? No wait. Make me a match. Nevermind! You get the picture, right?

Welcome to Legend, Tennessee. And welcome to the matchbaking, er, matchmaking world of Chef Suzie Matthews.

Both sets are now permanently priced at $3.99. A great deal for the quantity of stories you will receive. Plus, some awesome reads! I hope you enjoy. 

Monday, November 23, 2015

Another look...

Two new releases (sort of)! These two titles have been repackaged as Maddie James titles. I am transitioning a few of my former Bella Masters titles over to the Maddie James pen name. If you see titles that are authored "Maddie James writing as Bella Masters" you know these books have a much higher heat level than the typical Maddie James books, and would be considered erotic romance.

The Bachelorette Party
Three women, three stories, and one erotic night that will change their lives forever... 

Double Trouble for the Wedding Planner
Mary Kate Wells refuses to admit that she's innocent. She has had sex, she's here to tell you. But the truth is, when Johnny the Stripper calls the day of the bachelorette party to confirm his appointment later that night, the sound of his voice saying, "Hi, Mary. My name is Johnny, and I'll be your stripper this evening," jerks her libido into full-speed ahead like nothing she'd ever felt before. And then when Johnny arrives with his twin brother Shawn at his side, the fire in her gut could only be put out by one thing--no wait, two.

Runaway Bride
Lainie Wells will get married. She will, she will, she will. It's perfect. He's perfect. Her life will be perfect. Bleh, bleh, bleh. Thoroughly confused and utterly disgusted with herself, she's resigned to impending marriage. Besides, Mary Kate has everything planned and her father has footed an astronomical bill thus far. She will, she will, she will. And she keeps saying that all the way up to the point where her ex-lover and maximum curler of her toes, Simon Shepherd, takes the stage during the drag show, links gazes with her and won't let go, and later feels her up back stage until she's spent and more. Suddenly, "I do" feels more like "I don't." But Simon left her two years earlier, telling her he was gay. Why is he coming after her now?

Ghostly Encounter of the Ménage Kind
"I just wanna get laid. And good." As Dee looks up from her drink while sitting in the luxurious bar at the Seelbach Hotel after the uneventful-for-her bachelorette party, she swears a man is staring back at her in the mirror. Their gazes connect and hold, she turns, but no one is there. The sexual titillation that runs through her body at that moment frightens her almost as much as the fact that she's pretty darned certain she's seen a ghost. Earlier during the party, as pictures were snapped with digital cameras, the women all proclaimed to see orbs circulating Dee's body. And Dee's alone. As the night rolls on, Dee experiences a ghostly encounter of the ménage kind that makes her believe in sex here, and in the forever after--which takes getting laid to a whole other level.

Two for Christmas
Two ménage à trois Christmas novellas in one package! This collection includes A Ménage Christmas, and Nice and Naughty -- first time available as a two-fer set!

A Ménage Christmas
Bree Noël Conner doesn't do relationships well. Like most men she knows, she has a straying eye that often gets her into trouble. She loves pretty men and frequently wants to sample them. That fact has gotten her into more trouble, and out of more relationships, than she'd care to admit. So, when she finds herself standing on an ottoman in an artsy-fartsy holiday party being auctioned off to the highest bidder (for a good cause, of course) and subsequently bound to a king-sized bed built for three, her merry Christmas quickly turns into a potential ménage Christmas--and her wandering eye might be satisfied, once and for all.

Nice and Naughty
Cassie Franklin has to prove herself. After all, she's the first female head of the English department at the university. But that doesn't mean she has to prove herself sexually to Eric Marsh, a fellow professor in the English department, too. Does it? Then there is Ryan. Strong and sexy, with hands that can ease away the tension of most any job, he almost makes her forget her risky escapades with Eric. And that Eric left her. Cassie discovers that Ryan and Eric have a closer connection than she ever could have imagined, and that they have very specific plans for her. Is she ready for two?

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

You know you're tempted. Right?

Hello! Maddie James here. Let me introduce you to my latest novel -- the first romantic suspense I've released in a while. Here are 5 things you need to know about TEMPT ME.

1. It's HOT.
2. It's emotional. Seriously, it will tug at your heartstrings in places.
3. It will keep you on the edge of your seat.
4. You will want to read all 320 pages. I promise. Because you WON'T find out who did it until the very end.
5. And oh, did I mention, it's HOT?

I hope you will check out TEMPT ME soon.

All Romance Ebooks:

Detective Jordan Cross has one thing on her mind—get the bastard killing kids in her small southern city; the person she thinks is also responsible for her niece’s disappearance.

Journalist Tate Walker has a similar goal—keep the people of his city informed about the serial killer, and perhaps write a Pulitzer-worthy story in the process.

When Jordan and Tate’s lives careen together around the case, they pick up the battles of their pasts and carry them forward—battles of trust and mistrust, lust and love, truths and misunderstandings. Determined to keep her focus on the case, Jordan finds it difficult to resist Tate’s sexual temptations. Tate uses every advantage to tempt her back into his bed. Then, thrust into a dangerous situation, those battles suddenly fall away—and the only battle left to fight is for their lives, and their love.

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Repurpose, redecorate, redesign....

Sometimes you just gotta bite the bullet and redecorate. You know? I have a friend--you know who you are!--who chooses to redecorate or remodel her house during some of her most stressful and busy times. It's a running joke between us, because I often do a similar thing. When times get tough, I have to pull back and do something creative and meaningful.

So yeah. It's been a stressful and chaotic few weeks. I have tons of things to do, and in the midst of all of that, I decided to redecorate.

Or rather, overhaul my website. So, what do you think? Click below to enter!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Unforgettable Heroes II - Pre-order Now!

Pre-order Available Now!
Release Date:  August 25, 2015

ISBN: 978-1-62237-423-6
Heat Level: This 13 book  set contains stories from sweet to erotic romance
Price Promotion: $0.99 for pre-order period through release week

Retail Price: $6.99 after Sept. 1

Themes: romance, heroes, Alpha, contemporary, historical, comedy, cowboys, suspense, paranormal, sweet romance, erotic romance, beach, older couple, ninja, warrior

13 NATIONAL BESTSELLING AND AWARD-WINNING AUTHORS deliver romance fiction featuring incredible, unforgettable romance heroes. This set runs the gamut from contemporary to historical romance, sweet romance to erotic, suspense to paranormal, and includes baseball players, cowboys, Celtic warriors, and more….

UP CLOSE - ELIZABETH BEVARLY is the New York Times bestselling, RITA Award-nominated author of more than seventy novels and novellas. Up Close is the perfect beach read, blending adventure and intrigue with romance and sensuality, peppered with the author's signature humor.

PARKER: THE MONTANA MCKENNAS, (Book 4) - MADDIE JAMES is an International bestselling author of more than thirty romance novels and novellas. Parker, is her latest release in the Montana McKennas western romance series.

SPRING CHICKENS - MARGARET ETHRIDGE is a National bestselling author, contemporary romance fan favorite, and TMP top-selling author. Her second chance at love story, Spring Chickens, is a romance that defies the ageists!

CRESCENT MOON - JANET EAVES is a National bestselling author of the Ladies of Legend series of books. Crescent Moon, a Legend After Dark novella, takes the townsfolk of quiet Legend, TN on a bit of a different spin. It's still Legend, only darker.

RESCUED BY THE CELTIC WARRIOR - AMY JARECKI is a National bestselling author of more than ten Scottish historical romance novels. Rescued by the Celtic Warrior is a Night Owl Reviews Top Pick.

SCENT OF A SHADOW - JENNIFER JOHNSON is a National bestselling author of contemporary romance and women's fiction. Scent of a Shadow, features a man making his living by hiding in the shadows, and a divorced mother of three, who finds him.

THE GULL MOTEL - AMIE DENMAN is an EPIC Award and Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence finalist for her books. The Gull Motel, a beach read about a young woman who takes over a small Florida motel and falls for the man next door, earned a 4-star review from RT Bookreviews.

NICK OF TIME - BOBBYE TERRY is a Daphne du Maurier Award for Excellence finalist in Mystery/Suspense, and a National bestselling author. Nick of Time is a Climax, Virginia novel of suspense, intrigue and romance.

DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH - JC WARDON is the author of the thirteen-book Mystic Waters series, called a "series to watch" by her publisher. Diamond in the Rough, is book 6 of the Cavanaugh Family series.

BEAUTY AND THE BALLPLAYER - ARLENE HITTLE is the author of seven contemporary romance novels and novellas. Beauty and the Ballplayer is a 2011 Golden Heart finalist and winner of the First Coast RWA unpublished Beacon.

RIVETING HIS ATTENTION - MAY WILLIAMS is the author of historical romance, Riveting His Attention, which has been called "fun and flirty" and "adorable" by her fans. May writes both contemporary and historical romance.

CORPORATE COWBOY - BELLA MASTERS is the erotic romance pen name of International bestselling author Maddie James. Corporate Cowboy, an All Romance Ebooks bestseller, received a favorable 4 Star Review from RT Bookreviews. (only available as an excerpt at Amazon) 

RUNNING NOWHERE - LISA TAPP is the author of Maggie Award Finalist, Finding Beth, the first title in her Young Adult Ro Davis Series. Her book Running Nowhere, part of the contemporary romantic suspense Maystown Series, was the Romantic Suspense winner of the Hot Prospect Contest and was named a finalist in the Daphne du Maurier Award for Excellence in Mystery and Suspense.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

My latest release -- Book 4 in the Montana Rancher's Series -- PARKER

**99 Cents to August 11** **Please Share!**

PARKER – Book 4 in The Montana Rancher’s Series
People die, people change, and sometimes both happen and people fall in love.

Barnes & Noble:

When Parker McKenna's father dies, he expects life on the ranch to change--whether he wants it to or not. Parker is unsure how much his stepmother Liz has influenced his father's final wishes. Although Liz has been a part of his life for years, he knows her goals for the ranch are different from his. All Parker wants to do is continue his way of life--running the working Montana cattle ranch until the day he dies, just like his father.

What Parker doesn't expect is for Reba Morris to walk into his life the day of the funeral.

Having recently relocated to Montana, and living in a small cabin near the McKenna Ranch, Reba decides to do the neighborly thing and help at Parker's house when everyone gathers after the funeral. With her late husband's passing several months ago on her mind, she knows how difficult it can be handling the small things, so she steps up to the plate. What Reba doesn't expect is for Parker McKenna to knock her socks off with his drop-dead gorgeous, cowboy goodness. After all, she is a recent widow and shouldn't be thinking about things like how sexy he looks in his Wranglers. Right?

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

My latest release -- Return to Legend Boxed Set


99 Cents!

Includes the novellas: Crossroads by Janet Eaves, Heart to Heart by Jan Scarbrough, Second Chances by Magdalena Scott, and Star-Crossed by Maddie James

Before life-long Legendarian, Addie Bynum, dies, she knows she had some loose ends to tie up. So she bequeaths some of her worldly possessions to four special people, bringing them all back to Legend.

Sharon Clark vows there is no way she will ever return to Legend, Tennessee. But desperation has a way of changing everything.... (Crossroads)

When Jeremy Hamilton's aunt Addie gives him a second chance, he must decide if he believes in the unbelievable and the pet psychic who teaches him about faith...and love. (Heart to Heart)

Anne McClain Bradley returns to her small town roots, while Pete Garrity is looking for a fresh start. Second chances. Sometimes the hardest part is believing they exist. (Second Chances)

When Jasmine Walker returns to Legend after a fifteen-year absence--she doesn't expect her troubled teenage past to collide with her well-planned, professional future. (Star-Crossed)

Can they all Return to Legend, and with Ms. Addie's help, finally find love and happiness?

Read an excerpt from my book in the set, Star-Crossed by clicking here

Boxed Set Ebook Price:  $0.99 (For one more week only!)
Digital Download: PDF, EPUB, MOBI, LIT

More from Magdalena Scott, Jan Scarbrough, Janet Eaves and Maddie James


Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Matchmaking Chef Series -- Free Now!


The eight novellas of The Matchmaking Chef Series 

When Suzie Matthews (Bed, Breakfast & You) accidentally cooks up a scene that causes her sister to get back together with her high school boyfriend (Home for the Holidays), she wonders if she can help other singletons living in the small mountain town of Legend, Tennessee find the loves of their lives.



Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Latest Release -- Corporate Cowboy by Bella Masters

My alter-ego, Bella Masters, has a new release today! I'm really excited for readers to read this story and hope you all love it as much as I do. Corporate Cowboy is one of my most recent favorite stories. Gage Parker is a hottie and sweet Emma is so enamored with the bigger-than-life Alpha cowboy. 
Bella writes much hotter than Maddie, so be prepared for some kink! Here's the blurb and teaser. Click the link at the bottom to read chapter one!

When Emma Lavender is called to corporate headquarters at the end of her first week of employment at WestInn Hotels, she is shocked at the proposition offered by the company CEO.
So shocked, in fact, she takes him up on his offer.
Emma Lavender is your average college graduate—eager to make a go of her first job and pay off those student loans. Fresh out of a relationship going nowhere, she leaves Charlotte, North Carolina, behind and heads for the wild west—Billings, Montana. But in Montana, no one takes her seriously or appreciates her southern belle upbringing, except for one man—CEO of WestInn Enterprises, Gage Parker—and he seriously appreciates what Emma has to offer.
Corporate executive by day, rancher by night, Dom all the time—Gage Parker is an Alpha male with an insatiable sexual appetite and a fundamental need to control women sexually. When Emma crosses his line of vision during her work orientation at his hotel, he engineers a meeting and presents Emma with a proposition that literally rocks her southern belle upbringing to the core—and one that Emma learns she is powerless to refuse.

Monday, March 02, 2015

Return to Legend with the Latest Boxed Set

Ladies of Legend: Return to Legend Boxed Set 


The latest Ladies of Legend boxed set has just been released, and is on sale for 99 cents only through the pre-order period plus release week. So, get this set while you can for pennies a book! This is the only time this set will be offered at this low price.

Official release date is May 19, 2015. Grab your copy for 99 cents before release week is up!

Includes the novellas: Crossroads by Janet Eaves, Heart to Heart by Jan Scarbrough, Second Chances by Magdalena Scott, and Star-Crossed by Maddie James

Before life-long Legendarian, Addie Bynum, dies, she knows she had some loose ends to tie up. So she bequeaths some of her worldly possessions to four special people, bringing them all back to Legend. Will her plans turn out as she intended?

In Crossroads, Sharon Clark vows there is no way she will ever return to Legend, Tennessee. But desperation has a way of changing everything....

When Jeremy Hamilton's aunt Addie gives him a second chance, in Heart to Heart, he must decide if he believes in the unbelievable and the pet psychic who teaches him about faith...and love.

Second Chances returns Anne McClain Bradley to her small town roots, while Pete Garrity is looking for a fresh start. Second chances. Sometimes the hardest part is believing they exist.

When Jasmine Walker returns to Legend in Star-Crossed, after a fifteen-year absence--she doesn't expect her troubled teenage past to collide with her well-planned, professional future.

Can they all Return to Legend, and with Ms. Addie's help, finally find love and happiness?


Friday, January 02, 2015

Story: A Little Bit of Heaven

It's 2015. Goodness. I didn't make any resolutions, share any revelations, or start any revolutions.

That's okay.

I did make myself a couple of promises. I promised myself that I would stop fretting about the numbers. You know, sales numbers, reviews, fans, sales ranks, bestseller lists, books released in 90 days, etc...  Instead, I decided to focus simply on STORY.

Yes, story. My stories and other people's stories. Books and movies and anything else that represents story. A play? Live musical show? Maybe all or any of the above. You see, I've stopped reading as much as I once did. And I've not watched as many movies over the past few years that I would like. That needs to change.


I'll let you know how I'm doing. I'll start today and post every time I experience a new-to-me story. Ready. Set. Go. Last night I watched A Little Bit of Heaven starring Kate Hudson.

I loved that I laughed and cried over the course of this movie. I loved that it was set in New Orleans. And I loved the strength of Marley Corbett (Kate Hudson). Mostly I loved that for nearly two hours, I forgot about something else that had been troubling me.

Best quote from the movie:
Julian Goldstein: What are you afraid of?
Marley Corbett: I'm scared this entire night's gonna go by and you'll never wanna kiss me...

Maybe you'll like it too.