Friday, January 02, 2015

Story: A Little Bit of Heaven

It's 2015. Goodness. I didn't make any resolutions, share any revelations, or start any revolutions.

That's okay.

I did make myself a couple of promises. I promised myself that I would stop fretting about the numbers. You know, sales numbers, reviews, fans, sales ranks, bestseller lists, books released in 90 days, etc...  Instead, I decided to focus simply on STORY.

Yes, story. My stories and other people's stories. Books and movies and anything else that represents story. A play? Live musical show? Maybe all or any of the above. You see, I've stopped reading as much as I once did. And I've not watched as many movies over the past few years that I would like. That needs to change.


I'll let you know how I'm doing. I'll start today and post every time I experience a new-to-me story. Ready. Set. Go. Last night I watched A Little Bit of Heaven starring Kate Hudson.

I loved that I laughed and cried over the course of this movie. I loved that it was set in New Orleans. And I loved the strength of Marley Corbett (Kate Hudson). Mostly I loved that for nearly two hours, I forgot about something else that had been troubling me.

Best quote from the movie:
Julian Goldstein: What are you afraid of?
Marley Corbett: I'm scared this entire night's gonna go by and you'll never wanna kiss me...

Maybe you'll like it too.