Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Contemplating a Cover on #WriterWednesday with Maddie James

Judge a book by its cover?

Does the cover really influence your book buying habits?

Have you ever bought a book with a blank cover?

Getting a new cover for an upcoming book is always exciting. There is just something so concrete about seeing the story in your head, manifest itself in a tangible object. Well, tangible in the way that potentially you know you'll hold that print book in your hand one day. Not to mention that seeing that image on your computer screen allows for touching. Right?

At any rate, tangible or not, covers tell a story about the book. Or they should. Somewhat.

A good book cover should provide some clues to the reader (aka potential buyer) about your book. The cover won't tell the whole story, and it shouldn't. It should provide the essence of the story, and it should be engaging enough that it compels you to read the book description.

The book cover is the first shot an author has of grabbing the reader's attention. The book description is second. And then the actual book content itself, generally comes third. So a lot is riding on the cover selection.

Visual presentation, color, balance of graphics, font and font size, as well as the amount of text and placement on the cover, all plays part of a bigger picture. The cover should fit the book genre it is representing, and should be age appropriate for the end buyer. Some ebook retailers have restrictions on the heat level of a cover (body parts, nudity, etc.) and so do many booksellers.

So, choosing a cover is important. And now I'm deciding between two of mine.

Titled, The Cowboy's Secret Baby, this book is a contemporary western romance set on a working ranch in Colorado. And lucky for me, I have two covers to choose from. I'm leaning one way -- several of my readers and author friends are leaning the other. I'd love to know your thoughts. Which of the two covers below would make you pick up the book first? I'd love to have your input. Please comment below!

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