Wednesday, March 30, 2016

10 Reasons Why Blog Comments Matter - #MicroWorkshop 2 #WriterWednesday

Yes! Comments on my Blog!
Do blog comments matter? It might depend upon the perspective, but yes, they definitely benefit your blog. However, I know with my own blogging experience, most visitors to my blog do not comment—but that doesn’t mean they don’t visit or read the post. (Or at least some of the post.) My stats show that the hits to individual posts are generally a lot higher than the number of comments left behind.

But do comments really matter? Besides the argument that regular, fresh content and comments can help the search engines find your blog—let’s talk a bit about why you want to invite comments. And why, if you are a blog visitor, you might want to leave a comment on other author’s blogs.

But first, let’s assume your blog is focused in the writing/author world, and the visitors to your blog are generally from that same world—other writers, bloggers, and hopefully, readers of your books. Making this assumption, we can safely say that your blog plays an important role in networking with other writers and readers—and is an important piece of your marketing plan.

Why you want comments on your blog.

Comments on your blog:

1. Show your blog site/web site as a friendly, approachable site.
2. Show you, the blogger, as a friendly, approachable person—that there is a human behind that blog post—especially when you take the time to reply to visitor’s comments.
3. Show interaction with the post, which says to new readers, that the post must be interesting.
4. Provide added value to your content. When a person commenting adds their own take, or experience to the topic, new content and perspective is added.
5. Invite more comments. It’s difficult to be the first person to comment on a blog, but once several comments show up, more interaction happens.
6. Build relationships. Remember, it’s a network, a community of people who live and work in the same world you do. Relationships are a good thing!
7. Comments invite interaction. Encourage your visitors to provide valuable feedback—and let them know that their feedback is important.

Remember, when you are writing your blog post, give visitors a reason to comment. Pose a question or two. Ask open-ended questions that require them to give a thoughtful response, not a “yes” or “no” answer. Request feedback on the topic, good or bad. Ask for new or differing opinions or viewpoints. 

Why you want to comment on other bloggers’ blogs.

Commenting shows your support to the other authors in your world—again, networking. We have all been there when we work on a blog post and no one shows up. Kind of like having a party and no one comes. Right? And we all know how that feels….

When you comment on other blogs:

8. Other bloggers are more likely to engage with you. If you leave meaningful, engaged comments on the blogs in your network that you visit, they will often reciprocate. This is a form of community building.
9. Add useful feedback, another idea, or your expertise of the subject matter. This can show you as an expert.
10. Expose yourself to more readers. Your blogging profile is connected to your comment. If you are commenting without a profile—such as your Google+ page, a Blogger or WordPress profile, etc.—fix that. That profile is part of your digital footprint—make sure it is complete and has the information you want people to see. Visitors to blogs may see your comment and wonder who you are. They click on your picture or name, and they learn more about you.

Hint: No time to comment? Set a time in your calendar daily. My time is first thing in the morning when I sit down at my computer. Blogging is entered into my calendar for 7 a.m. This is my time to write blogs, and also visit blogs. Try to do this daily. Most days, it takes 15 minutes to hit the blogs I want to hit. Other days, when I'm writing blog posts, it takes longer, of course.

Bonus: Share the love! When you visit a blog post in your world—your networking community—and if you don’t have time to comment, at least click to share. Share buttons are generally located at the bottom of each post. No time to comment? Then fast click to share on Twitter or Facebook, or other social media sites.

Summing it up.
Blog comments matter. Invite comments. Comment on other blogs. And remember, it's all part of a greater community--networking and connections. Oh, and share the love!

Finally, a question. What is the hardest part about commenting on blogs, for you? I'd love to know....

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