Monday, March 14, 2016

Today's #MondayMashup - 3-14-2016

The view from here....

Good rainy, Monday morning! Spring has definitely sprung here in Kentucky and that means the monsoon has set in. We've banned the dog from the backyard due to mud, and we actually might try to grow some grass back there this year. Poor thing, she's perched on the back of the sofa in my office staring out the window like a child who can't go out and play. Well, same thing...  See?

Me? I'm here trying to get moving on my day, 2500 future words staring me in the face as soon as this blog post goes up. The Cowboy's Secret Baby is well on its way and I am loving this story! I hope you will too. Finally, Mack and Jillie will get their story told. (Did I mention there will be a snowstorm? Oh wait, I was going to keep that a secret. Anyway....)

So, for those of you who have been asking, Mack and Jillie are coming. As soon as I have a definite release date, I will let you know. But rest assured, these two are my PRIORITY!

I have a blog post up on another blog today if you want to check it out at Gems in the Attic. This time, I'm talking about my very first book sale. Come visit me at this link!

Later this week on Friday, you'll find me again at Wild & Wicked Cowboys. I'll remind you again about that post next Monday in the mashup.

...and in case you missed it, Wind Ridge is now available at
iBooks exclusively on pre-order status. The official release date is March 28 for all retailers. Promotional price now through April 15 is $0.99, so if you are interested in this romantic suspense set in the Kentucky Bluegrass region, grab it while it's cheap. You can read more about Wind Ridge here. And you can grab your iBooks preorder here.

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