Monday, January 09, 2017

Monday Mashup with Maddie James - January 9

Hello Monday!

Here's what's going on in Maddie's world.

It's frigid cold here in Kentucky so I spent the entire weekend inside (except for quickly taking the dog out to potty) and got a lot of work accomplished.

My Current WIP - My current work-in-progress is a novella for Sable Hunter's Hell Yeah! Kindle World. So far it's untitled, but I'm sure a title will come to me soon. They always do! My deadline is February 28 and the release will happen in May. Excited! Here are a few lines from the story...

Holy mother of all things sinful—the man staring back at her with his hand outstretched represented nothing short of cowboy crack. She knew if she partook of him once, she couldn’t stop, and that was the last thing she needed right now. Her gaze started at his calloused hand and traveled upward perusing every God-given feature the man possessed—deep-set black eyes, chiseled chin and cheek bones, and a scruffy five o’clock shadow. All of which were perfectly set below a white, straw Resistol, cocked sexily to one side. 

What do you think?

Last week my newsletter went out. The monthly giveaway there was a signed paperback copy of Corporate Cowboy. If you are not a newsletter subscriber, you can't get in on the giveaway. So what are you waiting for? Sign up here anytime. 

One of my tasks this weekend was to update my Events page on my website. It's done! Follow this link to see the events I will be participating in so far this year. You can also see on this calendar the authors who will be guest posting on this blog.

Did you watch the new NBC television show Emerald City last Friday night? If so, then you may be interested in my blog post this morning over at Gems in the Attic. Come by and say hello!

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