Monday, August 06, 2018

We Are Moving

Sort of

Hello. Weird and funky things were happening with this blog. I'll just leave it at that. If you stumble upon this site, please know that this is now the "unofficial" used-to-be blog of Maddie James. After a number of years of blogging over here, I am going to have to abandon. Sad. However, I've cloned myself to a degree and will be starting over with new blog content. You can find that new content by jumping over HERE

I do hope you will hop on over and find me in the new place, where I will be starting over with new content, but occasionally reposting oldie-but-goody content from this blog. (Was that a run-on sentence?) Occasionally. Maybe. I reserve the right. We'll see. Toodles.

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Update 8/7/2020 -- Just FYI, I've dropped the Sophie Jacobs pen names so ALL of my work is now published under Maddie James, as of this date. Still, I'm leaving all of the Sophie stuff hanging around here on this blog for posterity and eternity.

Enjoy the walk back in time.


Love Forever - #Free Sampler Now Available! #loveforever #gemsinattic

I'm a part of a group of authors who blog over here and we decided to create a freebie set of sampler chapters for our readers. If you want to try out a group of authors for free, just download this set and get 11 first chapters of bestselling author's books. Our hope, of couse, is that you'll find one or two you love and you'll want to read the rest of the stories. 

This sampler collection of romance first chapters by established, award-winning, and bestselling romance authors is guaranteed to whet your happily-ever-after appetite and send you running to your favorite ebook retailer to download to your hearts’ content! This eclectic mix of sweet to steamy reads has you traveling from the past to the future, with historical, time travel, paranormal, contemporary, western, and futuristic romance beginnings.

And we hope you will not stop at the beginning! Our stories are available in a wide variety of ebook retailers world-wide—we hope you download and enjoy every one!

Here is a sneak peek at the stories in Love, Forever:

HEAT LIGHTNING (Book 1, Outlaw Ridge, Texas) by Joan Reeves
Contemporary Romance

Amnesia stole her memory—her life! What Tessa doesn’t remember may be the death of her.

BREDE, (Rodeo Romance, Book 2) by Connie Vines
Romantic Suspense

Trouble is something hard-edged rancher, Brede Kristensen, knows all about. A widower with a rambunctious young daughter, a ranch to run and an ornery cook who has just runoff, Brede doesn’t need another problem. Yet in the midst of a violent storm, he finds an injured woman with no memory of her past—or the man who tried to kill her!

FINDING MERCY (Return to Welcome #1) by Bonnie Edwards
Contemporary Romance
Mercy Talbot left Welcome on a high, but she’s returned a broke failure. She’s messed up her career, love, and family ties. Now, she’s found love and a new family. When her career is reborn, will she leave the man and child who’ve opened their hearts to her?